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Monday, 27 June 2016

Corporal Military School Part 4


Sania stood stark naked in front of her group members. Her captain Maha had ordered her to strip naked and stand in front of the group, so that they could know her better, sigh! they really are getting to me, she thought.

"You are too pretty to be a hen." Maha said as she walked up to naked Sania, "I wonder why they didn't make you a Swan." She gave a slap on Sania's butt as she said this. Sania's cheek shivered.
 Her introduction continued for a good long hour, then she was made to stand by leaning on a table so that her buttocks came out. All the 15 girls in the group came one by one and gave her a spank on ach if her butt cheeks. It was a culture to welcome new girls she was told, so she took it with grace. they were giving hard slaps and not welcoming. the sound her buttocks was making was crisp and loud.
Until all the girls were done, Sania's butt was red like a cherry and stinging.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Corporal Military School Part 3


Dania  had completed her 100 uthak baithaks and was waiting for her captain to order her to leave her ears and get on with her errands.
Dania did not know why she was punished more than anyone else in her group.
the only thing she deduced was that everyone just loved punishing her. Even the teachers, instructors, and the army personnel who did their training.  
Pulling of her ears was a common place. Getting slaps had become regular. and dont even ask about murgha punishment, uthak baithaks and jumping uthak baithaks (where you have to jump forward like a frog when get up from your baithak and cover a certain area specified holding your ears).
Dania was the most beautiful Duck and she was strong and 6 feet tall. Maybe that is why everybody loved punishing her. She had sallow skin and her arms and legs were silky smooth and fleshy, but not in a fat kind of way. She looked amazing wearing those tiny shorts and small sleeves t-shirt, maybe that is why everybody loved seeing her in punishment. Because she was tall, her legs and arms were longer and they looked alluring during punishments.

She was the most senior girl in her group of 15 girls. When the last captain had gone to join the army, she was made the captain. She was a very good captain and believed in encouragement more than punishment. That did not abide by the CMS conduct and she was removed as the captain by the instructor. Now the captain was Natasha who was 2 years junior and 3 years younger than Dania. Dania felt humiliated getting punished by her. Natasha often pulled her ear and gave her slaps.

"Leave your ears and change for the night." Natasha commanded.
Dania took off her green clothes and changed  into the white shorts and white t-shirt for the night.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Corporal Military School Part 2


Sania tried to fit her legs into the scanty gray shorts. When she put it on she realized they covered her buttocks only, and never reached the thighs. She was selected to be a Hen after her assessment. She had no idea what that meant, all she knew was that her uniform color would be fog gray. She was given three sets of clothing. One dress was a T-shirt and a shorts, which she was required to wear immediately. the other was similar but was white with 2 parallel gray lines on the sides of the shirt and the shorts. and one was a Khaki dress, a shirt and a pant, with Hen written on the name plate. She had no idea what these were for, but she wore the grey T-shirt and the shorts. the shirt sleeves barely cover the arms, while the tiny shorts barely covered buttocks. maybe they save money on clothes, Sania thought. The huge buildings had impressed Sania. It was well built and very well maintained. She was feeling really scared though, it had a feeling of a prison.
Sania had been caught in her school smoking marijuana. Although this was her first time and she was just trying it to see how it goes. She was caught by a peon and taken to the office. This resulted in her being sent off to the Corporal Military School as punishment.
She was the first one being sent off from her school and from her family. in families, this was considered to be a big disgrace, because CPS was considered to be jail for girls, as even some criminal girls were sent off there.

Today was supposed to be her free day, that means she could look around and see how things were going. She would not take part in any of the activities. In the evening, her group captain would get her started. She was shown into a dormitory, with 15 beds. this was supposed to be her group. She got to know even the houses were divided into sub groups, and each group had a captain.

When she was left alone by the instructor, she thought to go on a walk. it was 10 am. She felt a little naked walking in these clothes, such tiny shorts and such a t-shirt. Her parents would never even think about allowing her to wear such clothes. But her life has changed now, forever, the thought made her shiver and sad.

It was time for classes so no one was there in the campus. All the other girls were having their classes. She went to the academic block where classes were being held. What she saw was shocking. There were 10 girls in murga poistion outside the class. Great, just great. She thought to herself.
she knew this was her fate from now on. She had no idea what would happen to her that night.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Corporal Military School Part 1

Corporal Military School is a Academy for girls where they receive Military Training to join the armed forces.

It divides girls into 4 houses.
the four houses are:
Swans, Ducks, Owls and Hens.

the swans are the girls who are really beautiful and charming. their house color is pink and they are given the training to become spies with great seductive skills. It is said that their training involves a lot of mind games and brain washing. No one knows for certain what they go through because only a few girls make it as swans.

the Ducks color is  Forest Green. the ones chosen as ducks are strong girls who can endure pain. they are trained to become commandos for guerilla wars. Their physical training is the most severe.

the owls color is black. they are very intelligent and they are trained to become intelligence agents and strategy developers. their work is usually office work so they do not get much physical training.

the hens color is fog gray. they are trained to become soldiers.

Due to the severe strictness of the Academy, girls never go there by choice.
Admissions are only done when girls are caught doing bad deeds, or parents sending their naughty girls there to get fixed.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


After becoming murgha 11 times in the last month, Saba was feeling very comfortable in the murgha pose with sweatpants on. the last 11 times she was made murgha by her tuition teacher, she was wearing either jeans, shalwar or tights, which made it very difficult.

Saba is 22 years old, but she is punished often by her tuition teacher who comes to teach her Calculus, a course she had failed 2 times in her university, at her home. they both go to  Saba's room and then Saba gets her lessons. the tuition teacher had looked very sweet and had a good attitude, but when it came to assignments, she was never easy on Saba. She used to make her murgha whenever Saba failed to do her assignment or did some silly mistakes in calculations. Saba was prone to make silly mistakes, so she got punishments regularly.
When Saba was resistant to becoming murgha the first time, the tuition teacher had pulled her ear and said

Teacher: is any age too old to be a student?
Saba: No
Teacher: So how is becoming murgha too old for you?
Saba: its inappropriate for girls.
Teacher: Either become a murgha, or i will take you out with your ear in my hand and tell your parents you are not listening to me.

that settled that. Saba became murgha.

After her 11 murgha therapies, Saba had realized that becoming murgha in Shalwar was the worst. She wore shalwars with a lot of gear, it tangled with the hands and the cloth also came unto the face. Also, when she looked back in the murgha position, the shape of the edge of her buttocks looked really ugly, with the shalwar rucked at her butt. she didnt like it, she felt the rucked clothing on her buttocks is making the punishment even more embarrassing as she looked ugly. 2 other times she was made murgha in shalwar.
Jeans was much better, it made going down and reaching for the ears easier. The view of her buttocks from down there was much much better. the shape of the buttocks showing and no rucked clothing. She realized becoming murgha in jeans is better than Shalwar. But jeans was tighter, and her thighs felt cramped. This made the pain in the legs become more worse. it felt less embarrassing to be a murghi in jeans but was more painful.
One day she was wearing tights. When she was punished, her buttocks looked great, but it was not easy reaching for the ears. the thighs felt okay as the tights were stretchable, but it was causing a problem from the knees and calves. she should have pulled up her tights from her calves a little, that would have made it easier she guessed. She thought maybe she should do it, get up and pull up her tights a little. But then she thought it would look really stupid in front of the teacher, pulling up tights so that she could become murghi better. How ugly was that Idea. So she remained a murghi quietly in her discomfort. Up til now she had been made murgha in these 3 things.

Today she was wearing sweatpants. she had not changed after coming back from the volleyball game. When the tuition teacher ordered, "chalo, kaan pakro murgha bano", Saba went into the posture very easily. as easy as breeze. reaching her ears had never been easier. her buttocks looked great as well from down there. not as good as tights buttocks, but certainly better than jeans and shalwar buttocks. She felt as if she wasn't wearing anything as the sweatpants did not have any weight and were really stretchable and loosely fit. She bet she looked sexier as well as murgha in sweatpants. her sweatpants was light gray, with 2 black lines from the waist till the bottom of the leg. She thought maybe the tuition teacher might be turned on to look at her. the thought made her whole body wriggle. She was feeling so great as a murghi in sweatpants that she thought she could do it whole day. Her body pained less as it had become stronger after all those murgha sessions. She was feeling glorious as a murghi. it was strange feeling but she was. She felt like a real murghi. All her embarrassment, pain, and discomfort had disappeared. She felt like she would do buck buck bakaak and even lay an egg.
Then suddenly she came out of her dreamland when there was a knock on the door. It was her older sister. She had come to give the tuition teacher a cup of tea. No one had ever seen Saba as a murghi.
"Ohh, Murgha banaya hai aapne isse." said she, with an amusing voice.
Saba felt shattered, and all that embarrassment, pain and discomfort of being a murghi came back. By the time she would get up all her family would know. her younger sister is going to make a hell lot of fun of her.

Monday, 13 June 2016

At the Age of 16!

Sohni came back from school and laid down on the sofa of her living room. Her whole body was aching and she felt like her legs are breakng apart.

"What happened dear?" Mom asked.

"My whole class was taken to the playground and made murga. for the whole Physics period. my body is breaking."

"For the whole period! how long is a period of yours?" Mom was a little shocked to hear this.
"45 mintutes."
"Oh! poor child."
"Why did DBS had to stop at class nine! i wish i was back there." Sohni sighed.

Sohni had been in DBS since her kindergarten. Her family was Pakistani, but had always lived in Dubai since her parents got married. DBS was a good school  but it did not provide O'level classes. So students had to leave after class 9 and find another school for doing O'levels.
So her parents got her admitted in PMD school which had O and A levels. it was a school for Pakistanis girls only. Sohni did not want to go in a all girls school but her parents were insistent that she gives Urdu paper as well and since that school was A'levels also, she would not have to go through the hassle of taking admission.

When Sohni started going there, it was a completely different environment. it was a complete Pakistani environment, where people usually spoke Urdu. The worst part was girls were made murga in the school. Girls of age between 16-19. First Sohni was not very alarmed to see other girls being made murga. but when she told her parents about this, they were surprised, because they knew that girls of such age are not punished like this, not even in Pakistan. But there was no question of leaving the school, Sohni had to spend 4 years in this school now, 2 years for O'levels and 2 years for A'levels.

"I'm never going to this school." said Maya, her younger sister. Maya said in her red skirt and white shirt, which was her school uniform. she also went to DBS since her kindergarten.  "and besides, i like wearing skirts, im not going to wear shalwar kameez."
Maya was in class 8. she had one more year before she left DBS.
"We will see dear, we will find another school for you."
"Why does she have to go to another school and i have to go to this school where they humiliate students like this." said Sohni.

Her Mom had no answer.

Sohni often talked to her younger sister  about the punishments she got. in fact, on the dinner table she used to narrate to her entire family whenever the P.E. teacher made her murga, when the maths teacher made her murga, when the chemistry teacher made her murga.
it was strange for her family that their daughter was facing this situation in the age of 16. they tried to be supportive and never made any funny remarks or made fun of her.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Standing outside class

Neha was made to stand outside class holding her ears along with 2 other girls. her side of the elbow was touching the girl's beside her.