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Sunday, 6 September 2015


Saadia had to do it. She had no other choice. Her body slowly bent in the shape of a hen, and now she had to put her hands between her legs. This was  the most diffcult part. Slowly and gradually her hands went under her thighs. now she had to reach for her ears. it was difficult. she could not believe she was actually doing this in the school's assembly ground. as soon as her fingers took hold of her ears, this was it. she was now a complete murga.
Saadia was in murga pose. she could not believe she was doing it. shame did not come to her at once. it took a moment. It penetrated drop by drop in her body until she started to feel it. Strangely the focal point of her shame was her panty.  Maybe if she were not wearing any undies she might not be feeling any shame, just a thought that came to her.
It felt like all her shame had flown into her buttocks, and wants to burst out of her butt, but her panty was preventing it.

Saadia was not alone in this. There were 12 other hens with her, in 3 lines of 4 each. all the hens were keeping their bodies rock solid. their back part of kameez was flying because of the shape their bodies were in. They were punished because they had gone into a junior section building during the PE period. they were all in the senior section of class 10.

Saadia was finding it hard to keep hold of her ears because of the shame. But she had to do it. This was the most severe form of punishment she had ever received, she bet this was the first time all 12 hens had to become hens. They had greatly underestimated their new Supervisor.

Saadia was feeling a sense of intimacy with her body in this pose. She had never done yoga so putting her body in this kind of a pretzel was feeling intimate. Had it not been for her panty, she might have enjoyed doing it, MIGHT. her panty was now feeling tighter than ever. although it was the right size, she always wore the right size, but it was feeling tight. had her butt became bigger in murga punishment? how can it be possible. Surely the sticking out of the butt was not playing a role in this feeling as she knew that her panty size was fit for this. in this panty size she could perform all sorts of activites comfortably, like playing a volleyball, dancing, jogging and cleaning her room. All these activites required bending and sometimes squatting and she could do it without her buttocks flesh feeling tight. right now it was like her buttocks cannot breath and must free itself. was it shame or something else? she could not understand.

The bell rung, it was breaktime. Are they supposed to stand up or keep their positions? all the hens had this question in their mind. but none dared to get up because of the scolding they had received from the supervisor earlier. All thought it would be wise to just keep sitting as hens with their ears in their hands.

Students started coming for break and the 12 hens straight away started hearing laughter and chuckle. there they were, 12 hens in all their magnificence, keeping  their bodies so as not to look like humans but like hens. Saadia's mind was now reeling. now the shame that had build up in her butt, quickly spread in her body. her thighs, her hands, shoulders, her head and most of all her ears, were the areas she could most feel it. I should have stood up, she thought to herself, but now standing up was even more diffuclt, because there were students all around. some were standing and watching and some were passing by, making remarks, laughing and poking fun.  Saadia thought that her whole body was now red because of shame.

Then she heard the supervisor, "Heey you all, get away from them." then the students who were standing and watching started going away. now there was no student within a ten feet of the poultry farm that was set up by the supervisor.but they were still watching from afar.

it was about 15 minutes since they had started. Saadia's legs were paining so much now. Finally they were asked to get up when there was 10 more mintues left in break time. the 12 hens stood up and did not know what to do. none could face the other students. Saadia went into the washroom to hide.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

My Ear in Her Hand

She was a female peon who was responsible for many things. She did not do cleaning work, but was more of a messenger, but she wore a peon's light blue uniform. her name was Rakha, she was referred to as Rakha Boa in the school.

Rakha Boa was on her way to the security office which was located near he gate of the school. she was going through the senior section when a teacher called her. The teacher wanted to send a student of hers to the Headmistress's office for not bringing her textbook. when Rakha Boa is asked to take a student to the office she does it the Rakha Boa way. She holds the students ears and pulls it to the office. something which the students hate very much.

The student was Safia of class 9. Safia was feeling very bad that she was being sent to the office just because she had forgot to bring her textbook for the second time. this is no offense.
Rakha Boa held Safia's right ear and started taking her. But to Safia's great disappointment she was going the other way of the office.
"Office is that way." Safia said with a look on her face which every student makes when they are being pulled by their ear.

"i have some work in the security office, then i will take you to the Headmistress office."
Safia got so annoyed by this. this was the first time she was being taken to the office the Rakha Boa way. it felt so humiliating.  so disgusting. She felt like a animal, being pulled by the ear. Rakha Boa was pulling her ear to the security office which was near the gate, all the guards and peons sit there. what could be more humiliating.
they reached the security office and Rakha Boa took her in. there were about 4 men sitting there. Safia felt like she was going to die. they were all staring right at her face. she kept her gaze low.

 her ear had gone red. Rakha Boa was not even letting go for a second. Sometimes she was holding her ear lobe, sometimes she was moving her hand up to hold the middle of the ear. Rakha Boa's grip on the ear was getting loose from time to time, so she was tightening it as it got loose. her hand would slip to the edge of the ear, then she would bring it up catching the whole ear tightly again. that sensation was making Safia fill up with disgust.
As they both came out of the office, Safia heard the mean laughing behind her.
"What is this day?" Safia asked herself.

now finally Rakha Boa was on the way to the office. she was going through the assembly area. on the way another peon came and started talking about some work with Rakha Boa so she had to stop. Rakha Boa stood with her hand on Safia's ear. Safia could not behold any more, "Can we just go quickly." Safia said to Rakha Boa.
"What's the hurry?" Rakha Boa said shaking her by ear. "What's the hurry?"
Safia felt even more stupid.
They kept standing for about 5 minutes. Rakha Boa's grip loosening and tightening again and again filling Safia up with more and more disgust and humiliation. Her ear was paining. She even considered asking Rakha Boa to pull her other ear, but she felt stupid asking it. at the end the peon told that another teacher was asking for her.
So now Rakha Boa turned to the senior section building instead of going straight to the office. Safia's mind was numb now.
When Rakha Boa reached the class, that teacher also wanted to send a girl to the headmistress's office. So Rakha Boa held that girls ear also.
By now it had been 12 minutes since Safia's ear was held, still she wasnt in the headmistress's office.
Now Rakha Boa started for the Headmistress's Office.
Now Safia was feeling even more humiliated. now Rakha Boa was holding the ears of 2 girls, one in each hand. Safia strangely found this even more humiliating because of the intimacy she was feeling with the other girl. on the way, another teacher called her. she had to send a girl to the office also.
Now Rakha Boa could not hold any more ears. she considered for a second whether she can hold 2 girls ears in one hand. but at once she knew it was not possible.

so she called another peon who was cleaning the floor. the other peon looked a little dirty as she was a sweeper. Rakha Boa told her to hold the ear the other girl. the other girl said," No way, she is a sweeper, no way she is touching me." Rakha Boa was surprised at this. Rakha Boa insisted the sweeper to take hold of her ear but the other girl was not allowing this.
"can i hold my own ears to the office?" she asked. "No, if i take you to the office i take you like this." Rakha Boa said.
"Just come back for me." other girl said.
"I dont have time, kaan pakaro iska." Rakha Boa addressed both the girl and the sweeper.
"Noooo," the girl moved back to avoid her ear being held.

Safia was filling up with anger.
"She can hold mine," Safia said. Safia wanted to end this situation quickly so that they can go to the office. so Safia's ear was now held by the sweeper and Rakha Boa held the other girls ear.
To Safia's bad luck, the sweeper was holding the ear even more badly. not only holding, she also twisted it. Safia led out a cry and made a disgusted face.

Finally they reached the office. it was now 20 mintues since Safia's ear was held.
The Headmistress sentenced the three girls to kneel down outside the office for about an hour.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Murga in You Chapter 8

Sunidhi was in a trance. she did not know what was happening. the secret was out. she was getting text messages from all her friends who didnt knew she gets murga punishment.

her brother had finally seen her in murga punishment when she was in murga pose. the murga maker had made her murga in the room. the maid had opened the room accidentally. her brother was also near and he saw inside. SUnidhi with all her magnificence was sitting in murga position.

her brother had told everyone he knew.

SUnidhi committed suicide after 2 days.

the end

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Murga in You (Punishment Story) Chapter 7

It was a spectacular sight. All the teachers were in murga position in one line in the assembly area.
The Principal was the first one to go in the pose. all the girls clapped as she went into murga. then another teacher. then one by one all teachers were going.
When the murga maker went into murga there was a huge roar and hooting and girls clapped the longest. all teachers had disgusted and angry expressions on their faces.
all the girls were enjoying the teachers in murga, including sunidhi. SUnidhi was only watching the Murga maker in murga. it was also a great sight for her, but she was concerned also. she knew that this would wreck havoc on all the girls. they would not be left now. they all would receive punishments more often. the teachers became murga for 15 mintues before they were asked to stand. then all the girls went to class and teachers followed.

Sunidhi was scared now after she came home. the murga maker had to come today to teach her. after the  murga maker came, the murga maker looked quite embarrased. Sunidhi felt good.. SUnidhi received a regular dose of murga that day but it was less humiliating this time.

Sunidhi's mother had brought a new maid for the house, Maya. she was about Sunidhi's age and she was kept for 24/7 in the house.
Maya was turning out to be a poor maid in the begginnning. one day Sunidhi felt so frustrated with her that she made her murga after scolding her real bad. she kept maya in murga for about half an hour. Maya looked comoletely disgusted with Sunidhi after she got up.

Friday, 26 June 2015

The Murga in You (Punishment Story) Chapter 6

Once Sunidhi was made murga in the playground of the school along with 6 of her friends. they were having their free period which is very common in A-levels. a teacher came and told them they were making too much noise right outside a class room. so Sunidhi, along with her friends was taken to the playground and sat as murga. A peon was given the task of watching over them. After about 5 mintues of murga, Snidhi had just liftd her head a little and what she saw was astonishing. there were some boys watching the murgis. they were on a tree which was taller than the school boundary outside the school, they even had phones and they were clicking photos. Sunidhi at once started looking down to make sure her face doesnt show. As if doing it in front of the school wasn't humiliating, now boys from outside were watching and even clicking photos. she wondered what they will do with those pics.

the photos were now another cause of concern for Sunidhi. she knew any mintue now the bubble would burst and her social 
life would come to an end.

Two days later that pic was published on the social media on a page by the name of Murga Punishment in School. althought sunidhi had no knwlege of it, but her brother found it. he at once poked Sunidhi, see a pic has come on Fb looks like your school's unifrom. SUnidhi's heart rang. when she looked at it she saw that it was her pic only. it was a pic of when she had looked up to the boys. all other murgis were looking down, only one looking up, although to her luck the quality of the pic ws very bad so her face could not be recognized. "this is not my school, many schools have white unifroms idiot. girls are not punished like this in my school." sunidhi thought her brother was satisfied with the answer.

One day a very strange thing happened. Neetu, from her Hindi tuitions came to her and said that she wanted to talk to her alone. Sunidhi was startled. Neetu showed some pics of sunidhi to her. in those pics Sunidhi was in murga in her hindi tuitions. the angle was in such a way that her face coukd be easily recognized. "What the hell?" Sunidhi was angered straight away. 
"ihave your pics and from now on you will do exactly as i tell you. otherwise these pics ill be out." Neetu told her.
"whaat?? so whats the big deal. even you become murga in Hindi Tuitions, i can take your pics also." sUnidhi said.
"sure take them, and even post on fb. i dont mind anyone seeing me in murga, but ou do. none of your family member knows about it right?"
Sunidhi was shocked after hearing this. "How do you know?"
"your brother, he is a friend of my brother. he comes to my house frequently to play with my brother. last week i met him and got to know that he is your mrthoer. after he got to know tht i go to the same tuitions as you, he was very eager to know whether you get punished. then after probing i got to know that noone in your home knows you get punished so often."
sunidhi could not blive this.
"what do you want?" SUnidhi asked, dejected.
"You'll have to do whatever i say, consider as a payback for the favor of what i have done to you by telling your brother nothing.." Neetu finished. "you'll be hearing from me again."
Sunidhi went home reeling.

Neetu started making Sunidhi do her homework and assignments. sometimes neetu alos called her to her house and made her do the house chores. Sunodh would tell her mother that she is going to a friend, and she would go to Neetu's to do her work. 

Preeti Shenoy got a phone call from her collegue, she old her that all the students had started a protest. Preeti did not know what the protest was about. when she reached school she saw that all the school girls were sitting in the playground with banners saying "Why us? why are we the only ones who need sharp brains."

Preeti didnt get it.

The protest in the school was being led by Seemeen Thapar. the protest was not to revoke murga punishment in school ,but to make the teachers murga. the girls demanded that they want all the teachers including the principal to become murga in front of them, only then they will stop their protest. Seemeen was the one who came up with this idea. the girls wanted revenge rather than get it t stop. they had enough. it was becoming a nuisance. Seemen had thought that they will make teachers murga, which would be their revenge, then all the teachers would stop giving them murga punishment as they would fear the girls will start another protest to make the teachers murga. this is what seemen thought and she started selling this idea. many girls agreed to it. some girls didnt like the idea, probably because they liked murga punishment. some girls got scared because they thought it could be disaster later on. but majority of the girls agreed and they stated their protest outside the office just before the assembly. they said they will not attend classes until their demand is met.
Preeti thought that only one day she had gained control and now this. she could not believe her fate.

Sunidhi was not at all convinced with this protest. she thought the protest should have been to stop murga altogether. she could see the end result of this. she knew hell would break lose after the protest ends.

The protest went for about 2 days after which the principal called for a meeting. all the teachers who hadnt made murga, were scared now, they thought they should be out of this as they had never made anyone. but the principal insisted that they should all become murga. many teachers were opposing, especially the murga maker. but the principal gave the order that today all teachers will become and end this protest.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Murga in You (Punishment Story) Chapter 5

Sunidhi was in murga in her living room.
Sunidhi heard her younger brother getting out of the car in the driveway and walking towards the front door.
her mother was also out now. they were moving towards the door. sunidhi's anxiety was rising.
here it goes. this is the end. she heard the door key going into the key hole.
she felt like the key went in her butt hole.
when her mother or her brother opens that door they will see her right in front, rigt beside the tea table. just as the handle of the door was pushed down, the murga maker said something which was music to her pulled ears, " get up now."
Sunidhi immediately left her ears and got up. the door was now open and her mother and brother were entering. Sunidhi knew that they must have seen her getting up, but not in murga pose.
that was the end of the lesson also. so the murga maker left after greeting her family. when her brother asked her what she was doing, why was she getting up, she lied that she had dropped a pen and she was looking for it.

it was a close call. she could not thank the murga maker enough for it. she was made murga for only 6 minutes, which is probably a new record. murga maker makes girls murga for a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour.

after that she swore never to take classes outside of her room.
after that day, sunidhi now started receiving murga punishment regularly from the murga maker in her room. almost everyday. there was a danger that any family member might walk in but up till now she was safe. once her father came in to pay the fees, sunidhi was not punished. once her mother came in to give something to eat to the murga maker, at that time she was not punished also. she told her mother afterwards not to disturb them.
so her mother stopped coming at all.
but her father was still a problem, he came in every month to pay the fees, and his timing was not confirmed.
she couldnt do anything about it.

Murga maker felt that the murga punishment to Sunidhi in her room was strangely intimate. although murga maker only enjoyed punishments in groups, but she was very much liking sunidhi in murga alone. it was like a master-slave relation. the murga maker had a desire to punish, and sunidhi was fulfilling her desire by becoming murga obediently. Sunidhi became very obedient and murga maker loved that time when she was in the murga pose. Murga maker was sitting on the sofa,her legs crossed, holding that pipe, giving her a scolding or teaching something and sunidhi, an obedient murga right in front of her legs, keeping her buttocks steady just the way the murga maker likes gave her the feeling of control. like she is the owner of her body. like sunidhi had completly surrendered herself to her.once or twice a very intimate thing happened. Sunidhi went into the murga pose not facing Murga maker but in a sideway. now what happened was that her buttocks was directly in the way of the leg of the murga maker. the murga maker had put her right leg on top of the left one and her right leg was hanging loose. she would swing her right leg from time to time and what was happening was the murga makers foot was gently hitting the buttocks of sunidhi. in that moment sunidhi felt like a real slave to her and Murga maker felt like a real master. she wanted sunidhi to remain in the murga pose forever and let that foot keep hitting her butt. Sunidhi also usually wore pyjamas and a t-shirt at home. so it was a new sight for her also to see a murga in other than shalwar kameez.
She started looking forward to the tuitions of maths.

Sunidhi was hating murga punishemnt more than ever. She started resisitng, apologizing, holding her ears to convinve the teachers not to punish her. sometimes it worked, but most of the time her punishment time was only increased. from morning in school, she could get murga in assembly, murga in maths class, murga in Hindi, murga in biology etc, then came hindi tutitions, and then in the maths class was a must. in one day she was getting murga punishment 3 times a day, at least 15 minutes per session. but during murga makers classes and private tuitions, Sunidhdidnt dare to resist in any way. in fact no student of hers did. One "Murga Bano" was enough to to make the students flung their buttocks into the murga pose.

she knew anytime her social life would end once the fact is out that she gets so much murga punishment. it was like a dam almost ready to burst. beacuse of this tension, her performance started dropping, so punishments started increasing. one day the murga maker made her murga for almost an hour. Sunidhi thought her legs would break, after the class, she came out and sat in the living room with the family. for a second she forgot nobody knows she receives murga punishment, and said out loud, "ohh, my legs are breaking."
"why are your legs breaking?" her mother asked.
her brother grew suspicious immediately.
Sunidshi at once realised what she had done.
"why, why, why,? did your teacher made you do uthak baithak?? hahahaha" her brother asked.
"no way, idiot." she replied.
"oh yes, you were feeling fine before the tuition teacher came."
"no i wasnt, i played football in school today, i dont get punshed like you you idiot." sunidhi lied.

but Anil was not convinced. he knew something was wrong. it could be a big story. he suspected Sunidhi was either beaten or made to do uthak baithak. but he never once could even think sunidhi was made murga. he knew his sister had a very big ego to do murga in front of a teacher. he thought maybe he should hear what happens in the room when Sunidhi has her maths classes. but it would be difffcult as it is a one and a half hour class. but he made an intention to find out whether sunidhi gets punished or not.

the next day when the murga maker came and went in, anil immediately went to the door and put his ear on the door. it was hard to hear anything. but he could understand a little. it was maths gibberish. he thought he should come back later.
he came back 45 minutes later. at that exact time, Sunidhi was in the murga punishment. anil came late at least 5 minutes, otherwise he would have heard the teacher say "Murga bano." and he would have also heard the pipe giving Sunidhi's butt a good treatment after she went into murga.
right now all anil could hear was silence.
he didnt know what was going on in there. he wished he could see, but that was impossible, even from below the door.
inside sunidhi was sitting as a murga and Murga makers foot was gently hitting her buttocks from time to time. Sunidhi hated this part even more while  Murga maker felt like a master.

so anil after 5 mintues left thinking sundhi was probably doing some sums hence the silence.
so it was a lucky escape again for sunidhi.

to be continued....

Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Murga in You (Punishment Story) Chapter 4

when the next day the tutor came, Sunidhi was shocked to see it was the Murga Maker from her school. the teacher who had given her the gift of Murga punishment on the first day of her 17th year. the teacher who had introduced her into this world.
now she was stuck in another situation, the thing was non of her parents knew that she was getting murga punishment in school so much. and not even her younger brother. her younger brother Anil, was in another school where she had come to know they had not adpoted the whole murga punishment research benefits and all. so murga was not given there yet. her brother had never experienced it. so she had this cool image of her in the house and as well as with other cousins.
now if she takes tuitions from the murga maker, surely she would make her murga in her house, where her parents and her younger brother will see. and if she refuses to take tuitions first of all the murga maker will not leaver her in school. and secondly, her father will probably not look for another tutor as he was very busy. and she had to ace her maths exam.
so she had no choice but to take. she also had a good idea of studying maths in her room with the door closed. she could tell the murga maker that her younger brother makes a lot of noise and she wants peace. so when she is made murga by the murga maker, nobody will see.
so she started taking private tuitions from the murga maker. sunidhi also found out that the Murga maker was from bangladesh chittagong. murga maker used to teach also in Bangladesh. she loved punishing. she once made 2 girls murga in class and she was called in the office and told not to do that again. in her private tuition sin Bangladesh she used to punish murga as well, but parents complains started coming that she should not make their daughters murga. so she had to stop. in bangldesh her punishments were restricted to uthak baithak which bored her. so she came to india where murga was regulated. she had this vast hunger to punish girl murga, so she started teaching in Sunshine.
when sunidhi heard all this she could not believe what she had gotten into. although the door was closed she knew her mother could walk in anytime and see her in murga, or her father to talk to the teacher about how things were going. but she noticed a peculiarity. she was taking tuitions for about 2 weeks now but the murga maker had not punished her yet. although she had received a slap once, but no murga yet. sunidhi had committed a lot of mistakes for which she expected to go into murga anytime, but the murga maker never made her.
the murga maker was not making making Sunishi murga because of 2 reasons. firstly because she liked making murga in couples or in groups. secondly since she was worried that sunidhi might tell her parents and her parents might remove her as a tutor. what the murga maker did not know was that sunidhi insisted on taking tuitions behind closed doors of her room was because she did not want her family to see her in murga pose. she would never ever tell anyone she is receiving or received murga ever in life. this would destroy her social life in the family. she had an image to portray.
After about a month, Sunidhi had received a severe beating with a long piece of a pipe. the murga maker had given her good strokes on her legs, thighs and buttocks. Sunidhi did not scream but started crying. face slaps were a commonplace and once she was made to do Uthak baithak.
the Murga maker now knew that Sunidhi was not complaining about it to her parents, probably because she was ashamed of telling. so murga maker could now start giving murga punishment also.
on the other hand Sunidhi was thinking she will probably never get murga punishment in her house.
One day when the murga maker came she asked SUnidhi if they may sit in the living room today as nobody was home. their main entrance was from the living room so the murga maker had to go from the living room to sunidhi's room. everyday there ws someone sitting there, but today there was noone, so murga maker knew that noone was home. Sunidhi agreed and sat in the living room. everyone was due to come home in about one and a half hour. and the murga maker usually taught her in about that time. Sunidh thought it was safe to study here now as she will probably receive some slaps and if she is given uthak baithaks to do she will do it quickly, so there is no chance of anyone seeing her being slapped or even uthak baithak.
Murga maker started teaching.
everything was going smoothly when after about one hour and 25 minutes the Murga maker told Sunidhi, " Murga bano."
sunidhi froze in her chair. she could not believe it. all this time she never got murga in her closed room, but now here in the living room, when her family is about to come any minute she is being punished. she could not believe it. she was hating the murga maker's face right now.
"What??!! is your buttocks glued in the chair, get that butt up, and into the murga pose, right now!!" the murga maker said in a tone which could probably make anyone murga, her student or not.
Sunidhi's buttocks rose slowly. she knew she would be at least 15 minutes into the murga and her family will come any minute now. their entrance is in the living room where she is being being punished, and the family has the key with them, so thy will probably open the door and find her 17 year old daughter nicely sitting in the murga position. her younger brother will probably burst into laughter. her parents will probably smile.
maybe Sunidhi could ask the murga maker that they could go into the room where she could do the punishment, she was still thinking when a crisp slap landed on her cheek. "Right into the murga, right now."
Sunidhi immediately flung her butt up and sat as a murga.
when the murga maker makes you a murga, it means she makes you a murga. you need to hold your ears tightly and pull the ear lobes. your buttocks has to be in mid air. not too much and not too low. just the right height. and you should be rock solid. not a muscle should move on your body or else your time will increase or your buttocks will face the consequences.
in Sunidhi's case the piece of pipe the Murga maker had given her to keep in her cupboard. whenever Murga maker came, she asked sunidhi to take out that pipe in case sunidhi needed a treatment. SUnidhi would go and take out the pipe and give it in her hands from which she would be beaten. Sunidhi did not want to feel the wrath of the pipe on her buttocks right now.
SUnidhi was rock solid in the murga, because she already had a lot of practice, but what she was afraid was her family coming. she was hoping against hope they come after her punishment is over.
after 5 mintues into murga, she heard the car coming in the gate. she knew this was the end of her social life. her whole family will see her now. her mother will tell this to all her aunts so her cousins will know. her brother will tell the whole neighborhood so all her friends would know. she had once asked her friends who lived in her neighborhood whether their school punished them or not. she leanred that their school had not yet adopted the regulation. when they asked sunidhi she could not deny it, but she said that murga was given in serious offences only, and she had never received it. she said that if she ever did, she would rather get expelled than do murga. now if they all know she was doing murga, she will not be able to go anywhere or do anything because she will not be able to face anyone. she will have to remain in her room rest of her life. she will not be able to face her family also. she wished she could kill the murga maker right now.
sunidhi heard her younger brother getting out of the car in the driveway and walking towards the front door.
to be continued....