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Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Experiment- Phase 2

The night of the first day

"All of my friends are out, yaar! What the fuck have they done?!" Alina said.
All of Alina's six friends had their sections changed. Alina had no idea what was going on.
All 3 sat outside Kiran's house, talking about their first day of school. Kiran had enjoyed her first day.
"We had an icebreaking session first, and then non of the teachers taught anything. We just had activites all day lomg. i really like this school's teaching methods." Kiran said.

"Really? mine was normal. teachers just came and started teaching. we also got homework." Sumayya said. Alina had the same day as Sumayya's.

"But i am really worried about the PE class tomorrow. Wo chooti chaddi pehen na paregi." Kiran said worriedly.

"I have my PE class tomorrow as well. Lets see how the chaddi works out." Sumayya said.

"You'll be fine. Once it will feel a little strange, then you will get used to it." Alina tried to reassure them.

The shorts wearing

Kiran had her PE class in the 2 slot. All the girls had to change into shorts and T-shirt. They all were given the first 5 minutes of the 1 hour period to change and then the last 5 minutes to change back.
Kiran thought that they could go to the washroom and change, but she was wrong. they were supposed to change in the class only. because the PE instructor would come to  their class to escort them to the playground. They were not supposed to leave their classroom without a teachers permission and the previous periods teacher had already left.
To Kiran's yet another surprise all the girls started taking off their clothes in front of eachother in the classroom. All the girls were already wearing the shorts inside their shalwar. but no one was wearing the T-shirt inside their kameez. It was not possible to wear anything inside the Kameez other than a bra, as it was designed in such a way. The sleeves of the kameez were small, just beneath the shoulders and tight. So wearing a T-shirt was not possible. Kiran saw many girls standing in their bras and shorts and then taking out their T-shirts to wear them. Kiran had not worn the shorts inside. She was wearing only a panty.But one of her friends said its okay to show your panty to other girls. Kiran was not used to this exposure but did so. It felt really weird to show off her panties. She wore her shorts quickly.

Wearing such tiny shorts wasn't at all comfortable for Kiran. He legs had never felt so much breeze on them. They were feeling free, but uncomfortable and exposed type of free. She realised she was wearing the most scantiest of shorts in her class. Other girls were looking at her, but not amusingly. They were kind of impressed by her. Kiran then realised she came off as slutty and bitchy in front of other girls. First she showed off her panties in front of others, and then she wore such a tiny short. Either they all will hate her of love her. Sh realized only time would tell.

Sumayya had to go through a similar ordeal in her PE class.

The Night after

"PE class was very uneasy at first, but after a while i liked it. the PE teacher was really nice." Kiran said.
"What? She was such a bitch. She made our class do uthak baithak after the warmups." Sumayya said.
"Uthak baithak? But they never give such punishments, in our school." Alina was sure.
All three were confused as to what had happened with Sumayya.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Experiment- Phase 1

The Heroines

Our heroines are 3 best friends. Actually 2 best friends and one friend who became their friend later on.
Kiran and Sumayya are best friends from childhood since they are cousins as well. Luckily for them their families moved to Islamabad together from Lahore, to DHA, a posh area in Islamabad city.
There they met Alina and their friendship turned into a well enjoyed threesome.

The Boyfriends

Since Alina lived on that area for quite some time she introduced Sumayya and Kiran to some boys and Kiran and Sumayya got themselves bfs as well. Alina already had one.
Kiran's bf called her "my cupcake". Kiran loved her nickname and she used to prefer her bf calling her cupcake rather than Kiran.
Alina's bf called her baby or babe.
Sumayya's bf called her by name as he could not come up with a nickname yet, but that was okay for Sumayya, as everyone agreed that Sumayya and her bf's couple are the most romantic of the three.

The School

Kiran and Sumayya got admission into the same school as Alina's, Forrest High School. Although Kiran did not want to get into an all girls school, Alina assured them that this was the coolest school in Pakistan to be in for any girl. It was a school where girls from very rich families came. They were all in class 9, and when they were interviewed they requested to be in the same class as Alina's. To Sumayya's and Kiran's great surprise, the tests that they took were very general, like IQ test and personality test. in the interview they asked about their co-curricular and extra curricular activity. The the new year was starting within 2 weeks. until then Alina told them all about the school. About the events, the type of girls and friends she had, the teachers, the subjects and the sports. Sumayya and Kiran were shocked to hear that girls in Forrest High are supposed to wear shorts during the PE period and sporting events. Sumayya and Kiran had never worn shorts before, not even in their homes. And when Alina showed them her shorts, Sumayya and Kiran were shocked even more. The short was very small, tiny. it was just enough to cover Alina's buttocks.

The Uniform

When Sumayya and Kiran told their parents about it they were also surprised. But when they found out that girls are supposed to change into those clothes in school only and before leaving school they had to change back, they were okay since it was an all girl school. They went with Alina to buy the school uniform. The normal uniform was Shalwar Kameez, much to the comfort of Sumayya and Kiran's. The Kameez was a light brown and the shalwar white. For the sports dress, there was a T-shirt and a short, both light brown like the Kameez. Sumayya and Kiran had thought that Alina had gotten a tiny short because she was a little slutty and they would get themselves longer shorts, which reach at least the knees. But when they asked the shopkeeper for shorts, he gave them the most little ones.
"We want longer ones." Sumayya said.
"These are standard Forrest High. if i give you longer the waist will be loose."
Sumayya was dumbstruck. The shorts had elastic around the waist, you cannot even tighten it, so waist was the only measure. Kiran went to try the shorts in the trial room and came out, "the waist is a little loose, isn't there a way to tighten it?"
the shopkeeper said no. she must get another smaller waist shorts. that meant the shorter length as well. Kiran was uneasy hearing this as the one she had tried was already very small. When she tried the smaller waist, the short was very scanty. it was very tight and barely reaching the division between her butt and thighs. When she turned around to see in the mirror she could see her butt cleavage so apparent. Alina told Kiran to buy it as she must not wear a loose waist as the shorts become a nuisance in the PE classes and while playing sports.
Luckily for Sumayya she got shorts whose length was at least 2 inches below the butt and was a little loose as well and the waist was perfect. But still Kiran and Sumayya, both were equally uncomfortable with this whole shorts thing.

The First Day

Sumayya and Kiran reported to the Headmistress Office as they were not supposed to attend the assembly as they hadn't been assigned a section yet. There were 3 sections of the same class, A, B, C. Alina was in C, and Sumayya and Kiran knew they would be in section C of class 9 as they had requested for it.
"Sumayya you're in 9A and Kiran you are in 9B." Headmistress told them.
"But we wanted to be in 9C." both said in unison.
"You don't get to pick, we have to keep the classes balanced." that was that. Sumayya and Kiran made their way to their classes disappointed.
Little did they know that they were not the only ones who had their sections changed.

The Experiment

The owners of Forrest High were involved in a lot of debate recently with other educationalists. The debate had been as to what was the best method of teaching.

 Some thought motivational and friendly method, in which students are encouraged to participate, from their own opinions and tests and homework are of little importance, and the teaching would involve a lot of class activities rather than lectures.

Some thought physical punishments like uthak baithak, murgha, kneeling down, ear holding punishments which caused humiliation and pain at the same time, these were the best methods to push students and make them work harder.

And some thought beating was the best. this instilled fear in students and students wok hardest when beaten. this was also  a quicker way to discipline.

The owners of Forrest High,  a husband and a wife, considered themselves to be very experiential. so they decided to do a experiment on the students of their school . they choose class 9 and decided to implement each of the 3 school of thoughts on each section. one section would be beaten. one section would be punished physically (without beating) and one section would be encouraged in a conducive learning environment, without even a hint of strictness. this method was more closer to the Forrest High's teaching methods but this time they were taking it to a whole new level. the experiment was only being done on the 3 sections on class 9, other classes were to follow the usual teaching method.

All arrangements were made. Teachers were trained. And to take care of the parents of those students who will be beaten and physically punished, they got an undertaking signed from them that they will either trust the teaching methods of Forrest High completely, or get their girl withdrawn  from school. Complaints will not be allowed. The owners expected a lot of complaints from parents as these were people from rich families and they won't accept their girl being punished like this. So now they expected a lot of girls leaving the school, but they would gladly accept the cost of the experiment.  No student or parent were to know that they were a part of an experiment as this could hamper results. If the students knew that they were a part of an experiment, the students who were being treated strictly, would perform poorer on cause so that the strict teaching methods are proved to be ineffective.

All 3 sections had 20-25 girls each. And they divided the girls in the most fair way as possible. They had made sure that there were equal number of nerds, poor performers, sporty girls etc in each class. A very difficult task but they had done to the extent as they thought was right. So many girls had their sections changed depending on their report cards and the tests in case of new admissions.

Saturday, 2 July 2016


I have unpublished the chapters of Corporal Military School as i was not satisfied with them, i intend to write extensively and create a vast story out of it, which will take more time.
in the meantime i am writing another story, "the Experiment".
i am sure you all will enjoy it.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


After becoming murgha 11 times in the last month, Saba was feeling very comfortable in the murgha pose with sweatpants on. the last 11 times she was made murgha by her tuition teacher, she was wearing either jeans, shalwar or tights, which made it very difficult.

Saba is 22 years old, but she is punished often by her tuition teacher who comes to teach her Calculus, a course she had failed 2 times in her university, at her home. they both go to  Saba's room and then Saba gets her lessons. the tuition teacher had looked very sweet and had a good attitude, but when it came to assignments, she was never easy on Saba. She used to make her murgha whenever Saba failed to do her assignment or did some silly mistakes in calculations. Saba was prone to make silly mistakes, so she got punishments regularly.
When Saba was resistant to becoming murgha the first time, the tuition teacher had pulled her ear and said

Teacher: is any age too old to be a student?
Saba: No
Teacher: So how is becoming murgha too old for you?
Saba: its inappropriate for girls.
Teacher: Either become a murgha, or i will take you out with your ear in my hand and tell your parents you are not listening to me.

that settled that. Saba became murgha.

After her 11 murgha therapies, Saba had realized that becoming murgha in Shalwar was the worst. She wore shalwars with a lot of gear, it tangled with the hands and the cloth also came unto the face. Also, when she looked back in the murgha position, the shape of the edge of her buttocks looked really ugly, with the shalwar rucked at her butt. she didnt like it, she felt the rucked clothing on her buttocks is making the punishment even more embarrassing as she looked ugly. 2 other times she was made murgha in shalwar.
Jeans was much better, it made going down and reaching for the ears easier. The view of her buttocks from down there was much much better. the shape of the buttocks showing and no rucked clothing. She realized becoming murgha in jeans is better than Shalwar. But jeans was tighter, and her thighs felt cramped. This made the pain in the legs become more worse. it felt less embarrassing to be a murghi in jeans but was more painful.
One day she was wearing tights. When she was punished, her buttocks looked great, but it was not easy reaching for the ears. the thighs felt okay as the tights were stretchable, but it was causing a problem from the knees and calves. she should have pulled up her tights from her calves a little, that would have made it easier she guessed. She thought maybe she should do it, get up and pull up her tights a little. But then she thought it would look really stupid in front of the teacher, pulling up tights so that she could become murghi better. How ugly was that Idea. So she remained a murghi quietly in her discomfort. Up til now she had been made murgha in these 3 things.

Today she was wearing sweatpants. she had not changed after coming back from the volleyball game. When the tuition teacher ordered, "chalo, kaan pakro murgha bano", Saba went into the posture very easily. as easy as breeze. reaching her ears had never been easier. her buttocks looked great as well from down there. not as good as tights buttocks, but certainly better than jeans and shalwar buttocks. She felt as if she wasn't wearing anything as the sweatpants did not have any weight and were really stretchable and loosely fit. She bet she looked sexier as well as murgha in sweatpants. her sweatpants was light gray, with 2 black lines from the waist till the bottom of the leg. She thought maybe the tuition teacher might be turned on to look at her. the thought made her whole body wriggle. She was feeling so great as a murghi in sweatpants that she thought she could do it whole day. Her body pained less as it had become stronger after all those murgha sessions. She was feeling glorious as a murghi. it was strange feeling but she was. She felt like a real murghi. All her embarrassment, pain, and discomfort had disappeared. She felt like she would do buck buck bakaak and even lay an egg.
Then suddenly she came out of her dreamland when there was a knock on the door. It was her older sister. She had come to give the tuition teacher a cup of tea. No one had ever seen Saba as a murghi.
"Ohh, Murgha banaya hai aapne isse." said she, with an amusing voice.
Saba felt shattered, and all that embarrassment, pain and discomfort of being a murghi came back. By the time she would get up all her family would know. her younger sister is going to make a hell lot of fun of her.

Monday, 13 June 2016

At the Age of 16!

Sohni came back from school and laid down on the sofa of her living room. Her whole body was aching and she felt like her legs are breakng apart.

"What happened dear?" Mom asked.

"My whole class was taken to the playground and made murga. for the whole Physics period. my body is breaking."

"For the whole period! how long is a period of yours?" Mom was a little shocked to hear this.
"45 mintutes."
"Oh! poor child."
"Why did DBS had to stop at class nine! i wish i was back there." Sohni sighed.

Sohni had been in DBS since her kindergarten. Her family was Pakistani, but had always lived in Dubai since her parents got married. DBS was a good school  but it did not provide O'level classes. So students had to leave after class 9 and find another school for doing O'levels.
So her parents got her admitted in PMD school which had O and A levels. it was a school for Pakistanis girls only. Sohni did not want to go in a all girls school but her parents were insistent that she gives Urdu paper as well and since that school was A'levels also, she would not have to go through the hassle of taking admission.

When Sohni started going there, it was a completely different environment. it was a complete Pakistani environment, where people usually spoke Urdu. The worst part was girls were made murga in the school. Girls of age between 16-19. First Sohni was not very alarmed to see other girls being made murga. but when she told her parents about this, they were surprised, because they knew that girls of such age are not punished like this, not even in Pakistan. But there was no question of leaving the school, Sohni had to spend 4 years in this school now, 2 years for O'levels and 2 years for A'levels.

"I'm never going to this school." said Maya, her younger sister. Maya said in her red skirt and white shirt, which was her school uniform. she also went to DBS since her kindergarten.  "and besides, i like wearing skirts, im not going to wear shalwar kameez."
Maya was in class 8. she had one more year before she left DBS.
"We will see dear, we will find another school for you."
"Why does she have to go to another school and i have to go to this school where they humiliate students like this." said Sohni.

Her Mom had no answer.

Sohni often talked to her younger sister  about the punishments she got. in fact, on the dinner table she used to narrate to her entire family whenever the P.E. teacher made her murga, when the maths teacher made her murga, when the chemistry teacher made her murga.
it was strange for her family that their daughter was facing this situation in the age of 16. they tried to be supportive and never made any funny remarks or made fun of her.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Standing outside class

Neha was made to stand outside class holding her ears along with 2 other girls. her side of the elbow was touching the girl's beside her.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Way Things are

i try to grip my ears a little more tighter. that's the thing about murgha punishment, your grip on your earlobes tends to get loose time and time again. i would know, after all i am receiving this punishment for 22 years of my life. This time i am punished for no reason at all. but i gladly became a murgha when my grandmother (dadi) told me to become murgha. she is getting old and i understand she feels very lonely in her room. She used to punish me when i did something naughty when i was younger. she used to pull me by the ear and bring me to her room. after some scolding and slaps, i used to stand as a murghi for as long as my grandmother liked. Sometimes my mother used to come and plead to grandmother,
"kab se murgha baani vi hai ye, ab tou khatam krden iski saza."
sometimes my father used to come and intervene,
"itni dair se murgha banaya wa hai aapne Sara ko, please khara krden."
 many times the pleading worked, but sometimes it didn't and the murgha punishment seemed to go on for eternity. After i turned 16, murgha punishment stopped, as i had grown older and had stopped doing naughty stuff. Although i did get scoldings time and again. Then however, as i turned 19, one day dadi called me in her room and said murgha bano.
"Par kio? kia kia mene?"
"Kuch nahi, bas mujhe wo waqt yaad araha hai jb tm mere kamre mein murga banti thi."
"Par ab mein baari hogae hun, is tarah se murgha banna sahi nhi mere liye."
After i said that, i noticed a very lonely look in my dadi's eyes. she was feeling lonely.
she had been a very stern and strict dadi, but now she had no one to discipline.
there and then i decided that i will be her good grand daughter.
in her last days of her life i will support her in her loneliness. if that meant becoming murgha in her room, then  murgha i will become.
So i became murgha right in front of her. she sat on the single sofa of her room and i a stood as a murgha in front of her. i knew this gave her a good sense of the old days. i also got a sense of the  old days but they were more peculiar as i noticed my body had become bigger. so for a the past 3 years it had become a custom for  me, going to my dadi's room at 10 pm after dinner to become a murgha and give her the company of a good granddaughter. I assume this will go on till i am married. that will probably happen after 3 years.