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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Kaan Pakro!

Kaaaaan Pakro! Kaaaan-e dhuru!
She could not believe the teacher was telling her to do this.
she is the coolest bitch in the college. how could the teacher ask her to do this.

Kaaaaaan Pakro. chalo. forun!

there was utter disgust in the way the teacher was emphasizing Kaan. it was making her feel most uncomfy. about two dozen eyes were onto her.
slowly and gradually she lifted her hands. then she thought what the hell she was doing. she let her hands down again halfway to her ears.


when the order came more severely, her hands moved again, slowly still, but went up all the the way this time. when her fingertips touched her ear lobes, she couldn't hold them. the ear lobes felt very cold, the sensation made her really really uncomfortable. she hadn't felt so much uncomfortable, even when her mother had pulled her ears to scold her.  she let down her hands again.

Kaan pakar rahi ho class k samne ya principal k office mein murgha banna hai. pichle hafte hi do larkia murgha bani hai wahan. akhiri baar kehri ho, kaan e dhuru, wrna murga banai debo principal k office mein, AIK DUM MURGHA!!

this really frightened her. she didnt knew what to do. would it be good to hold her ears in front of all her classmates, or go to the principals office and become murgha in front of the principal alone? well, her classmates already knew about it, so her image would be shattered anyway. so she thought it would be good to hold her ears. then she finally seized her ears. it felt strange. she felt shame in all her body, especially her buttocks. after a while she felt as if she was naked.
she had to hold her ears for a good part of the whole session of mathematics.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Murga Culture

"who would like to see Dadi's dance, hahahaha!"
i said jokingly, as evryone was joking around then.
Dadi gave me a look which is all too familiar.
to save my face i thought it was better to become murga myself.
i stood up nd became murga. i should have fixed my clothes. my ass felt tight because of my panty and shalwar. then i realised everyone was not familiar with this. and a girl 20 years of age becoming murga was not a good idea.
"its ok sit." said dadi

Saturday, 26 December 2015

The Interview

today we are here to cover this school. this is considered to be one of the best schools in whole of India, and most probably the most expensive. as you can see the campus is huge, have a look at the playground, it has got an area for volleyball, cricket, and a seaparte swimming pool.
i hear this school is very strict also.
oh, what do i see?
lets have a closer look.
these are girls punished outside a classroom in murga. it is unbelievable to see such grownup girls be punished this way. lets see if we can interview them?
why are you punished.
as you can see these girls are not lifting their heads because of embarrassment.
i guess the teacher must be very strict.
"what are doing?"
i was just to trying to interview these punished girls.
"they are not allowed to talk while punished"
okay, we'll just leave then. i hope you donot punish me too.
"yes, you will be punished, because no one is allowed to  talk to the punished. become murga beside them"
i am not really sure whether the teacher really means this or not, but  i guess since i am in the school ,i have to obey the teacher.
let me become murga beside these girls. although i am a girl of 25 years.
viewers as you can see that i am also punished beside these girls now, and i can tell you its really painful. i do not know for how long i will be punished. we will continue afyer i am allowed t get up.

Dadi's room

our dadi lives with us. and you know how dadi's are. they still have old ways of thinking.
i love my dadi and respect her very much.
i am 22 years old. my name is Sara Mughal. i like to think i am a very mod girl. i dress in jeans n t most of he time.
but my dadi still makes me murga in her room.
whenever i do something bad, she takes me to her room and orders me to become murga. the punishment is about 10-15 minutes.
i asked her till when will i get this punishment? she said till you are married off.
it is so strange to make your body in such a fold and hold your ears. it is so tight.

The Poultry

Kumar was really worried. it was time for payment but he didnt had enough money. the interest was too high. He knew what would happen now. He looked at his young daughter and felt so much guilt. Taking a loan from Pyke was the biggest mistake he did in his life. in fact taking a loan from Pyke is the biggest mistake anyone in the town had ever made.

Pyke came to Kumar's door at 5 pm sharp as promised.
"You have the money?"
Kumar shook his head.
"You know what you have to give against the money now."
Kumar started crying.
Kumar's daughter was now a property of Pyke. Now she will have to live the rest of her life as a hen in Pyke's poultry farm.

Rinku will now have to live as hen. She will learn everything. Rinku was taken straight to the the farm. she was stripped. Now she will never wear any clothes again, for the rest for her life.
"Squat" said Pyke. Rinku straight away squatted. then she was made to walk to the area where other hens were kept. there were around 30 hens. all sitting like hens. they were supposed to flap their arms like hens. and do buck buck.

the next day rinku was taught how to pick a real hen egg with her butt. it was impossible at first.
"Ah, tight butt i see, let me loosed it up for you." Pyke said. then he put his hands on both cheeks and started pulling them apart.Rinku felt really awkward. then her butt  loosened. now she was able to pick up eggs with her butt. she was made to to sit on eggs every night, until she could sit on them without breaking them. she had to sit for hours, holding her ears tightly to make her hands look like wings.

Sunday, 6 September 2015


Saadia had to do it. She had no other choice. Her body slowly bent in the shape of a hen, and now she had to put her hands between her legs. This was  the most diffcult part. Slowly and gradually her hands went under her thighs. now she had to reach for her ears. it was difficult. she could not believe she was actually doing this in the school's assembly ground. as soon as her fingers took hold of her ears, this was it. she was now a complete murga.
Saadia was in murga pose. she could not believe she was doing it. shame did not come to her at once. it took a moment. It penetrated drop by drop in her body until she started to feel it. Strangely the focal point of her shame was her panty.  Maybe if she were not wearing any undies she might not be feeling any shame, just a thought that came to her.
It felt like all her shame had flown into her buttocks, and wants to burst out of her butt, but her panty was preventing it.

Saadia was not alone in this. There were 12 other hens with her, in 3 lines of 4 each. all the hens were keeping their bodies rock solid. their back part of kameez was flying because of the shape their bodies were in. They were punished because they had gone into a junior section building during the PE period. they were all in the senior section of class 10.

Saadia was finding it hard to keep hold of her ears because of the shame. But she had to do it. This was the most severe form of punishment she had ever received, she bet this was the first time all 12 hens had to become hens. They had greatly underestimated their new Supervisor.

Saadia was feeling a sense of intimacy with her body in this pose. She had never done yoga so putting her body in this kind of a pretzel was feeling intimate. Had it not been for her panty, she might have enjoyed doing it, MIGHT. her panty was now feeling tighter than ever. although it was the right size, she always wore the right size, but it was feeling tight. had her butt became bigger in murga punishment? how can it be possible. Surely the sticking out of the butt was not playing a role in this feeling as she knew that her panty size was fit for this. in this panty size she could perform all sorts of activites comfortably, like playing a volleyball, dancing, jogging and cleaning her room. All these activites required bending and sometimes squatting and she could do it without her buttocks flesh feeling tight. right now it was like her buttocks cannot breath and must free itself. was it shame or something else? she could not understand.

The bell rung, it was breaktime. Are they supposed to stand up or keep their positions? all the hens had this question in their mind. but none dared to get up because of the scolding they had received from the supervisor earlier. All thought it would be wise to just keep sitting as hens with their ears in their hands.

Students started coming for break and the 12 hens straight away started hearing laughter and chuckle. there they were, 12 hens in all their magnificence, keeping  their bodies so as not to look like humans but like hens. Saadia's mind was now reeling. now the shame that had build up in her butt, quickly spread in her body. her thighs, her hands, shoulders, her head and most of all her ears, were the areas she could most feel it. I should have stood up, she thought to herself, but now standing up was even more diffuclt, because there were students all around. some were standing and watching and some were passing by, making remarks, laughing and poking fun.  Saadia thought that her whole body was now red because of shame.

Then she heard the supervisor, "Heey you all, get away from them." then the students who were standing and watching started going away. now there was no student within a ten feet of the poultry farm that was set up by the supervisor.but they were still watching from afar.

it was about 15 minutes since they had started. Saadia's legs were paining so much now. Finally they were asked to get up when there was 10 more mintues left in break time. the 12 hens stood up and did not know what to do. none could face the other students. Saadia went into the washroom to hide.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

My Ear in Her Hand

She was a female peon who was responsible for many things. She did not do cleaning work, but was more of a messenger, but she wore a peon's light blue uniform. her name was Rakha, she was referred to as Rakha Boa in the school.

Rakha Boa was on her way to the security office which was located near he gate of the school. she was going through the senior section when a teacher called her. The teacher wanted to send a student of hers to the Headmistress's office for not bringing her textbook. when Rakha Boa is asked to take a student to the office she does it the Rakha Boa way. She holds the students ears and pulls it to the office. something which the students hate very much.

The student was Safia of class 9. Safia was feeling very bad that she was being sent to the office just because she had forgot to bring her textbook for the second time. this is no offense.
Rakha Boa held Safia's right ear and started taking her. But to Safia's great disappointment she was going the other way of the office.
"Office is that way." Safia said with a look on her face which every student makes when they are being pulled by their ear.

"i have some work in the security office, then i will take you to the Headmistress office."
Safia got so annoyed by this. this was the first time she was being taken to the office the Rakha Boa way. it felt so humiliating.  so disgusting. She felt like a animal, being pulled by the ear. Rakha Boa was pulling her ear to the security office which was near the gate, all the guards and peons sit there. what could be more humiliating.
they reached the security office and Rakha Boa took her in. there were about 4 men sitting there. Safia felt like she was going to die. they were all staring right at her face. she kept her gaze low.

 her ear had gone red. Rakha Boa was not even letting go for a second. Sometimes she was holding her ear lobe, sometimes she was moving her hand up to hold the middle of the ear. Rakha Boa's grip on the ear was getting loose from time to time, so she was tightening it as it got loose. her hand would slip to the edge of the ear, then she would bring it up catching the whole ear tightly again. that sensation was making Safia fill up with disgust.
As they both came out of the office, Safia heard the mean laughing behind her.
"What is this day?" Safia asked herself.

now finally Rakha Boa was on the way to the office. she was going through the assembly area. on the way another peon came and started talking about some work with Rakha Boa so she had to stop. Rakha Boa stood with her hand on Safia's ear. Safia could not behold any more, "Can we just go quickly." Safia said to Rakha Boa.
"What's the hurry?" Rakha Boa said shaking her by ear. "What's the hurry?"
Safia felt even more stupid.
They kept standing for about 5 minutes. Rakha Boa's grip loosening and tightening again and again filling Safia up with more and more disgust and humiliation. Her ear was paining. She even considered asking Rakha Boa to pull her other ear, but she felt stupid asking it. at the end the peon told that another teacher was asking for her.
So now Rakha Boa turned to the senior section building instead of going straight to the office. Safia's mind was numb now.
When Rakha Boa reached the class, that teacher also wanted to send a girl to the headmistress's office. So Rakha Boa held that girls ear also.
By now it had been 12 minutes since Safia's ear was held, still she wasnt in the headmistress's office.
Now Rakha Boa started for the Headmistress's Office.
Now Safia was feeling even more humiliated. now Rakha Boa was holding the ears of 2 girls, one in each hand. Safia strangely found this even more humiliating because of the intimacy she was feeling with the other girl. on the way, another teacher called her. she had to send a girl to the office also.
Now Rakha Boa could not hold any more ears. she considered for a second whether she can hold 2 girls ears in one hand. but at once she knew it was not possible.

so she called another peon who was cleaning the floor. the other peon looked a little dirty as she was a sweeper. Rakha Boa told her to hold the ear the other girl. the other girl said," No way, she is a sweeper, no way she is touching me." Rakha Boa was surprised at this. Rakha Boa insisted the sweeper to take hold of her ear but the other girl was not allowing this.
"can i hold my own ears to the office?" she asked. "No, if i take you to the office i take you like this." Rakha Boa said.
"Just come back for me." other girl said.
"I dont have time, kaan pakaro iska." Rakha Boa addressed both the girl and the sweeper.
"Noooo," the girl moved back to avoid her ear being held.

Safia was filling up with anger.
"She can hold mine," Safia said. Safia wanted to end this situation quickly so that they can go to the office. so Safia's ear was now held by the sweeper and Rakha Boa held the other girls ear.
To Safia's bad luck, the sweeper was holding the ear even more badly. not only holding, she also twisted it. Safia led out a cry and made a disgusted face.

Finally they reached the office. it was now 20 mintues since Safia's ear was held.
The Headmistress sentenced the three girls to kneel down outside the office for about an hour.