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Saturday, 28 December 2013

London Rooms part 2

Two weeks later saw all five roomates in murga in one line. What they had done, they themselves did not know. They were called by Shakuntla and were asked to assume murga. They did without questioning. Hira was mighty embarrassed because only two weeks earlier she had teased her cousin for becoming murga. Never in her whole life had she been given this kind of punishment. She also had never experienced punishments like uthak baithak or even any ear holding.  Nusrat could not believe her fate, at this age she was in murga, she was going to start her masters only few months ahead. She had never been given murga in bangladesh. Aruna had mixed feelings for this punishment. She was youngest and did not feel as embarrassed as the others. She had been given murga many times in india, by her tuition teachers, school teachers and mother. Last time was though 2 years back. Her body had lost practice so it was paining. Sameer was in the middle of all the girls. He did not feel humiliated at all as all others were girls. Rouchelle had already expeienced this so was not embarrassed but wanted it to end soon.
Hira was wearing a tight jeans which was making in very difficult to observe murga. Nusrat was wearing very flex pajamas so was not troubled by anything. Rouchelle was wearing shorts. Aruna was wearing a mini skirt. Sameer was wearing shorts as well. They all were free to move their buttocks up or down, and doing it completely. In fact, the movement of buttocks up and down had now become so frequent because of the pain that it was looking like an exercise. One butt going up another one coming down. It looked like a machine working.

Friday, 27 December 2013

London Rooms

The get a room in london is very difficult nowadays. If a student even finds one, he is lucky. And to look for a room at lower rates is simply living in a fools paradise. But there is a room being offered at lower rates. The only condition to stay in this room is you have to be a Pakistani, Indian or Bangladeshi. Now why is that condtion there?
The answer to this question is because the woman who owns that place has kept this condition. She is an indian, a well built marathi body. Comanding voice and no tolerance for disobedience, especially under her roof. She has a house of her own and kept a large room to rent out to five students at a time. The reason she has kept her rent low is because she requires complete obedience from the ones under her roof. If she asks them to sit, they must sit. Shall she asks them to stand, they must stand. Shall she asks  them to strip and dance naked, they shall do so. Now this is a good bargain for any student coming from not so rich family, because over here, girls even have to sell their bodies to get a room.
Currently the room is acquired by 3 girls and a boy. A new girl is due today. The last one was thrown out because she did not obey the command of the owner, Shakuntla.
One girl was a bangladeshi,Nusrat. She was 23. She was due to complete her bachelors soon.
Another girl was indian, Rouchelle. She was 20.
The other girl was Hira, pakisani. She was 22 and the boy was her cousin Sameer, he was 21.
Shakuntla had found another indian girl to come in. her name was Aruna and had just arrived in london to start her studies. She was elegant, high fi, and like a soft natured.
All four girls and sameer lived in the same room.  There was no privacy here. So it was not uncommon for sameer to observe female nudity. Girls would usually undress in his presence. But he hadnt seen any breast or butts till now because they usually kept their panties and bras on. Hira never undressed in sameer’s presence because she was his cousin. But before sameer had occupied this room Hira used to remain in her undies even in the presence of males.
One day Sameer and Rouchelle had a quarrel. They started shouting and Rouchelle even slapped Sameer. Sameer wanted to hit back but Hira tried to intervene. Shakuntla heard the commotion and came inside the room. She went straight to both of them and caught hold of their ears. Then she pulled them otuside the room.
“Both of you become murga.”
Both were startled at her sentence. They were so much grown up for this. But eventually they had to become as they had no other choice, they knew if they disobey they will be out on the streets within a minute.
They were made murga for almost an hour. When they gor up shakuntla asked them to apologise to each other holding their ears. They did.
When they went back inside the room, the rest of the three girls had seen them in the ridiculous punishment and made fun of them.
“how was it?” Hira asked Sameer teasingly.
“what?” sameer asked, not wanting to answer.
“the punishment?”
Sameer did not answer and started doing something else.
This was the first time shakuntla had punished the students in her house. And this was the first time students had actually fought in her house.
Hira, Aruna and Nusrat had found it very amusing to observe Sameer and Rouchelle in murga. But their amusement would soon perish when they will be asked to become murgas themselves.

to be continued.........

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

3 Murgis 2nd part

both dania and natalia got down in murga. within a minute their legs started to pain. they felt like naughty little school girls punished for mischief.
karuna had strictly asked them to keep their ears pulled hard. she wanted them red when their punishment was over.
"you girls are so lucky you never get these punishments very often." karuna said.
seeing both girls cluttered up together in murga reminded karuna of her school life, when she along with the rest of her classmates were made murga in the hot sun. twenty to twenty five girls murga, in one line, almost sticking to each other with no place to move their bodies a little.
then they would be whacked on their butts.

karuna felt like spanking the girls, then decided against it, because that would be too much for now. murga is already too much for them as it was their first time.
first time is always hard time. Karuna remembered her first time. she was at the age of 12. by a tuition teacher she was made murga in front of two more boys. she was made for only ten minutes but it seemed like ages.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

3 Murgis

They were three sisters. Natalia was the eldest, Dania was younger than her 1 year and Myra was 6 years younger than Dania.  Natalia and Dania had started schooling together and they were in the same class now. They would be completing their high school this year. Their family hailed from Pakistan. Myra was born here only, in Sydney. Their lifestyle was completely Australian so were their accents.
Natalia had short hair; she was gracefully thin and taller than Dania. Her complexion was milky white. Dania had sallow skin but hers was smooth and silky as if you could slip on it. She was not as thin as Natalia but she had a very shapely body. She had kept her hair long and did not like flaunting her legs like Natalia did with her shorts and miniskirts.
Both sisters were very competitive with each other in terms of fashion. Each wanted their younger sister, Myra to follow her only and not the other.
“Dad, can we have a car when we join university next year?” Natalia asked.
“Of course no, I cannot afford your extravagance on the car as well, your clothes and accessories are enough for my pocket.”
Natalia and Dania knew they will be asked to do something, their father never refused anything they asked him, he just like to make them do something and he gets it for them.
“Okay, what will it take for us to get a car?” Dania asked being a straight shooter.
“What, maybe an A, overall.” Their father replied.
“An A! But that’s impossible, we both have C averages right now.” Natalia said.
“If you work hard enough you can get it, I can even arrange home tuitions for you if like.”
Natalia and dania could not negotiate any deal. Their father insisted if they get A’s they will get a car. But this meant they will have to work extremely hard. They both talked to eachother about it and agreed to get the home tuitions.
Their home tutor was a Bengali Indian, Karuna. She was in her thirties and looked very smart. She had a full body. Graciously dark complexion and fine long hair reaching her buttocks. She wore shalwar kameez most of the time, and sometimes jeans with a t-shirt and a jacket.
Natalia and dania got along very well with her. She had great great sense of humor and joked with both of them very much. She explained every concept with great detail and both comprehended instantly. The atmosphere in which all three worked was very friendly and candid. Having a home tutor in Australia was very expensive, both girls knew that. And they were already intent on working hard to get A’s. They always did the assignments which Karuna gave them and listened to her very carefully. They had started to like karuna, less as a teacher, more as a friend.
One day both Natalia and dania did not finish their assignement karuna had given them. They had gone to  aprty of their friend. They had been up all night and slept all morning and day. They did not get the time to complete the assignment before karuna came in the evening to teach them.
“both of you did not complete the essay, what happened?”
“we had gone to a party and slept all day.” Dania said carelessly.
This irked karuna a little. Not the uncompleted assignment, but the carelessness in her voice. At that moment karuna felt worthless. Like these girls don’t give a shit of respect to her. She felt like doing something, To show them her anger and her power.
“Both of you had heard of murga punishment?”
“Yes.” Natalia replied, dania looked up but did not say anything.
“I want both of you to become murga right now.”
“what , you cant be serious karuna.”
“I am seriuos, get in the murga position both of you.”
Both natalia and dania were confused as to what to do. They could not imagine their bodies molded into that pretzel pulling their ears. But nonetheless both got up and stood a little astide. Karuna thought they will become murga now. But they didn’t. they kept standing and looking at karuna’s face.
“what are you thinking? Get down now.”

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Undercover (ending)

The punishment was now on for 15 minutes and Shonalee felt she would faint if she had to stand in murga for another minute. She felt compelled to move her butt, but the pain of the strokes had not yet receded. She tried to calm. She closed her eyes for a few moments to gather more strength. If she ever tells her friends she was given murga at this age, they will laugh their pants off.
Then the principal did something peculiar. He gently touched his stick on the buttocks of every girl. Like a caress. The being caressed clenched her butt anticipating a whack anytime. But he did not hit, he just touched their butts, like applying jam on a bun.
All girls had started to sweat. Their armpits especially were giving them hell now. Shonalee wanted to flap her arms in order to abate the nuisance her armpits were giving her. Just like a murgi. But she did not. After a while a peon came to inform the principal that a phone call had come for him. The principal adjourned their punishment and went to his office. Shonalee got up, her legs were crammed and she could not even walk properly. She got back to class.
“Learned a good lesson?” the teacher asked.
“Yes, miss.”
Shonalee went to her seat and sat. her whole body was in pain.
During the course of her 2 months Shonalee received several punishments. Almost ten times she was made to do uthak baithak for not less than a 100. Kneeling down with hands up, ears held was also very common. She got murga many times. 2 times in assembly and many times in class that she had lost count. Caning of the hands was also done on one occasion. Ear pulling was a commonplace. The teachers pulled ears so harshly that they felt like they will come off the face. One ear pulling left pain for almost a week. The peons also had the authority to pull the ears of students caught bunking. Shonalee was once caught bunking, a peon pulled her ear and dragged her to the principal’s office. The principal slapped her and made her murga outside his office for an hour.
After 2 months, she was face to face with the education minister.
“Are they giving corporal punishments in govt schools?” the education minister asked from the whole team of 20.
“No ma’am, it is very rare.” Shonalee answered. All other agents agreed to it.
The end.

another story coming soon

Thursday, 12 September 2013


We have chosen 20 women for this investigation, ma’am. They all look very young from their actual age and some makeup will also help. They have been briefed about their mission. First we will send them each to a school in different cities. Then they will report directly to you after 2 months. After that you will decide whether you want them to continue or not in the same school or not.
Well done Kumar, let us see if all this works or not.

Shonalee Saxena, age 24, was assigned a school in a village in Punjab. It was a girls only school. She was going to be in ninth grade. She felt really lucky to be a part of a special task force made by the education minister of her party. She had joined this party for a year now. The education minister has decided to do a little experiment to raise the standards of govt schools in India. She has made a special task force of 20 women from her party and sent them to different schools in the country. Their task was to observe each and every detail of the school from the students prospective and report directly to the minister. Their task will be to report teachers who use corporal punishments, when they are banned. Report any poor teaching methods and try to improve them. And of course the infrastructure of the school. Shonalee was tall and dark in appearance. Her skin was silky smooth, as if you can just slip on her body if you walk. Her skin in fact made her look younger than her age. She was herself a teacher in a private school but she had left it when her party came into power.
Shonalee walked inside of the school to begin her first day of school. It was already assembly time when she reached. She joined the ninth class line. She did not pay close attention to whatever was being said in the assembly, as a teacher she had always found assemblies to be boring and waste of time. Gathering in the ground for no good reason and then finally singing like lullabies, what’s the point? Again they started singing praising their nation, how good it was. Then they started going to classes. When Shonalee went inside her class she thought how lucky she was to have education in a private school.
There were tables and benches for 2 students joined and the bench had nothing to rest their backs. Some of the desks were broken. Paint was coming off the walls. The windows had bars on them as if in a prison. She sat on a bench and made acquaintance with two to three girls. A fat teacher entered, stern look, draped in a sari, with a long cane in the hand. Shonalee hoped that cane was only for pointing on the board and not for beating. She knew a lot about govt schools already, but this was the first time she was attending it. For 2 months she was at the complete mercy of the teachers in this school. The teacher asked for the new girl in the class.
“I am the new girl miss.”
“You have joined after 2 months of the academic year, when will you be able to complete your notebook and submit to me?”
“Probably in a week.”
“A week is too much, I need your completed notebook in 2 days, all you have to do is copy all the work from someone else, what you need a week for.”
Shonalee had no choice, she had to get down to copying from other’s notebooks. There were 8 subjects, so eight notebooks. After her first day at school she came back to the flat she had been given by the govt. She started writing about the proposals she would eventually make to the minister, that was assemblies are waste of academic time.
The next day 2 girls in Shonalee’s class were caned on their hands for not doing their homework. The girls had tears in their eyes after the caning finished. Another girl was ear pulled out of the class and then Shonalee heard slapping sounds from outside. The girl remained outside the class rest of the period. She wrote all this down in her report she was preparing. Beating was a commonplace in the school.
The next day, it was time for Shonalee to submit her notebooks to all the teachers of their respective subjects. She had completed about 7 notebooks, because those teachers were very strict, but she left the maths notebook incomplete as the maths teacher was a bit lenient. When the maths period started the teacher asked for her notebook.
“Miss, I haven’t completed it yet, please give me one more day.”
“Okay, you can have one more day, but today you have to stand up on the bench and hold your ears for the rest of the period.”
Shonalee was flabbergasted at this sentence. But nonetheless she had to do whatever was being told. She stood up on the bench and held her ears. After so many years she was given a punishment, up till now she had been punishing students, she now felt very stupid being punished. But to her bad luck the principal was on round. The principal was a male and loved giving collective punishments. He did not give punishments to one or two girls at a time, but he collected several of them and gave them punishment in groups. He comes on round and finds girls that are in punishments already by the teacher, he takes them from every class until he has a group and then takes them in the assembly ground and makes them murga, uthak baithak or whatever his mood is.
He came to the class and found Shonalee standing on the bench. He called her out and asked her to follow him. Shonalee did, having no idea what was to follow. There were five more girls along with him, and he collected 6 more. Now there were altogether 12 girls with the principal, following him obediently to the assembly ground. The sun was scorching hot. All the girls started perspiring immediately.
“Stand in one line.” Principal ordered angrily.
Girls got in a line straight away, facing him.
“All assume murga.”
Except Shonalee all girls were not the least surprised, but were terrified and embarrassed. Shonalee on the other hand was surprised, shocked, flabbergasted. The emotions of embarrassment would have come if she really believed she was becoming murga. It was a boy punishment, girls at this age cannot. She is 24 and others are only 15 or 16. Shonalee was going through all this thoughts when she saw that all other girls on her sides had become murga already. The principal was staring at her with a furious glare. Shonalee bent her body and went into the murga pose.
She had never got murga punishment before, although she had punished some of her male students this way but only once, and they were only class 3 students. The pain had started to set in already and she could no longer stay calm in the pose. She started raising her buttocks up and down to find comfort, all other girls’ buttocks were rock steady as they had practice and knew how strict the principal was.
“Hey you, stop moving so much, remain still.” Principal said to Shonalee.
Shonalee stopped moving her butt. Then a stick landed on her butt and she rasped in pain. The stick landed the second time, his time more fiercely, she wanted to rub her buttocks but could not leave her ears. Stick came again. Shonalee wished this was the last time. But the stick landed again. Tears had come in her eyes and she was groaning in pain now. Looked like the principal was not done yet, stick landed again and this time this was the last time. By intensity of the pain and the crispness of the sounds Shonalee was sure that she must have got zebra stripes on her butt. Wait till 2 months get over, I will get this principal out, she thought to herself. But right now she was at the complete mercy of the principal and must keep her buttocks frozen in mid air. Now she heard spanking sounds again. The principal was sketching lines on someone else’s butt now for moving them. When the spanking was over all girls now were rock solid in murga. Nobody dared to move her butt. Nobody dared to let go of the ears, nobody dared to fidget any part of their body.
The array of 12 murgis in a straight line without moving a single part of the body by anybody was a sight to behold for the principal. He felt very powerful when he gave these collective punishments. He had a long history of giving collective punishments. He loved them. Once he had all his 4 daughters along with 3 of their cousins kneel down and hold their ears in his house garden for an hour. Their mistake was making too much noise. They were all about 9 to 15 years of age. After a few years when the girls had even grown to about 20 years and more, he made them do uthak baithak together because they had failed to clean up the house. His daughters off course had to obey, and their cousins from their mother’s side had to obey because they were death scared from him and staying in his house.
Once he had made 5 new teachers in his school hold ears and stand for half an hour inside his office. He wanted to go a little further by making them do uthak baithak of kneel down but he was afraid they might resign because of the humiliation. Giving punishments to students was a collectively was a commonplace. Punishing the whole school during assembly was his favourite. Many times he had made all the students murga in the assembly. Many times had them do uthak baithak, and many times had them go back to their classes holding their ears. When he punished the whole school that included the prefects and the headgirls. The punishments were for no good reason, everyone knew that. It just depended on his mood.

to be continued, please stay connected.........