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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Runaway Girl (part 1)

I never thought my parents would come down to this.
i had come back to my house crying. i thought they wouldn't let me in after the heinous act i had committed.
"Please take me back, i have realized my mistake, i had gone crazy," i sniveled at the door step.
"Running away with a dalit, how could you," my mother screamed.
i went down on my knees and put my palms together to apologize for my mistake. tears were flowing down my cheeks and falling on my shirt and jeans.
my younger sisters had also started crying. the whole family was standing at the door step.

it was becoming a scene outside the house when my mother thought it would be good to take it in.
there i was made to stand in the middle of the living room, while everyone was sitting on the sofa, my parents, my grandmother, my two younger sisters and my teenage brother.
my mother didn't want to take me back, but my grandmother and father were of the view that i should be given another chance. thank God my father and grandmother convinced my mother that i could stay, but my mother said she must be punished SEVERELY.

i was sentenced to becoming murga for my mistake. this was really awkward. we hail from Kolkata but i have lived my entire life in London. Being sentenced to a desi punishment was really peculiar. i am 31 years old by the way.
but i went into the murga pose as i was willing to do anything to get back into the family. right in the middle of the living room i was in murga. i had no idea how long it would be. if my mother had told me how long i had to stay in this i would have at least worn my yoga pants so that it would have been more easier. but i was in my jeans and t-shirt.
"you will remain in this position until i tell you to get back up." my mother said.
almost an eternity passed when my grandmother asked if i was hungry or thirsty.
i said i was thirsty, my voice sounding like a murgi.
"give her something to drink, meghna." she told my mother.
my mother was not willing to even pause my punishment for a drink, so she told my younger sister to bring some water in a bottle with a straw. i was made to drink water right in the murga pose.
"dont you dare leave your ears  for a single second." my mother ordered.
i dare not. my sister put the bottle in front of me so that the straw went into my mouth. it was so humiliating that i was in murga pose and my younger sister was making me drink.

then it was dinner time. that meant i was in murga for more than 2 hours now. now it would not have been possible for a normal person to be in position for very long. but for me it was. because a was a yoga buff. i could hold myself in stressful poses for very long. in fact i could even hold my buttocks up in murga pose for an hour without moving it. it was the humiliation that was killing me.

"end it now, meghna, let her have dinner." my grandmother said to me mother.
i looked at my mother by lifting my head and turning it a little bit towards, my ears getting an extra pull because of it.
"she will have her dinner in this pose only. ritu, bring a plate and feed her."
i was shocked. drinking water was so humiliating, now eating.
"i am not hungry, i will eat after my punishment is adjourned." i said squealed.
"you better eat, because your punishment is not ending anytime soon. you have to remain like this all night."


mother did not want to hear anything. she said i must do it. so i did. i did not want to spoil the only chance i had at returning. my young sister fed me dinner. she was smiling while doing it, making it even more humiliating.
when it was time to go to bed, my mother took out the handicam and placed it right in front me on the sofa.
"this will keep playing all night. you mustn't leave your ears for a single second, otherwise your are marching right out of the house."
so all night i was in murga pose. being recorded by our family camera.

to be continued.....

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Army Major

The major was not lenient at all. He was known to be the strictest major in the whole army. Javinder Singh. The fun started when he was posted to a women training camps, where young girls got training.
Whenever Javinder saw any peculiarity in the acts of any cadet, like one rooming around in an area where they were not supposed to, javinder felt it his duty to punish her. His favorite punishments included murga and uthak baithak.
Once Ritu and Shalini were at the back of the army house just to chill out a little. It was free time. Both were senior cadets and their training was to end next month. Javinder saw hem and came to them. Both stood up and saluted Javinder. “What are you doing here?”
“just sitting sir.”
“become murga.”
Both were confused why but they went down without showing any resistance. They were made murga for almost one hour.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Teacher's Day

Miss Sunaina was pulling Sara’s ear downwards very strongly. All the other girls had a grin on their face. Sara had not completed her homework and Miss Sunaina had warned of dire consequences for anyone who failed to complete the homework.
“why didn’t you do it? Tell me, I won’t let go until you give me a good reason.” Miss Sunaina said, still pulling Sara’s ear. Sara’s ear was paining so much, she felt like crying. She had not done the work because she had forgotten. But she was afraid to tell this reason.
“Miss, I had to go somewhere, I didn’t have time.” Sara said.
“give me another one.” Miss Sunaina was in no mood to let go of Sara’s ear. After a good 5 mintues, Sara’s ear was left and it was red. She rubbed it in order to reduce the pain.
“face the wall and stand.”
Sara had to stand for the rest of the class facing the wall in front of the class, that was the most humiliating day of her life. Miss Sunaina had enjoyed pulling Sara’s ear, unaware that this would lead to her most humiliating day of her life.
Every month the school has some event or the other. They go to a field trip in first month, they have a sports day in another and so on. This month they had teachers day. In teachers day every student gets to become a teacher for 10 mintues. And whoever becomes the best teacher gets an award. The teacher has to sit in the students place and do everything like a student.
While Sara was facing the wall, she thought she might have her revenge on Miss Sunaina on teacher’s day. It may prove to be disastrous for her later on, but she will take it.
On teacher’s day, Sara’s turn was the third. The other 2 girls had taken a quiz of the class and whoever scored less was punished by making her stand in her place.
Sara had some other things in mind. When her turn came she walked up to the class and said that she will teach the class how to dance. She is going to call everyone one by one and teach them a step.
She Miss Sunaina first. Miss sunaina came and Sara showed her a funny step. Miss sunaina laughed.
“why are you laughing? Do u think im joking here.” Sara said with a serious look.
“the step is so funny, you can’t expect me to do this.” Miss sunaina still had a smile on her face.
“murga bano.” Sara said, loudly so that it would sound authoritative.
“what? For what?”
“for making a joke of the lesson.”
“but I never give such punishments in class, how can u ask your teacher such thing, you should be ashamed.”
“I am not you. When I am the teacher, students get strict punishments, now become a murga before I pull you by the ear.” Miss sunaina was now in a difficult situation. If she would have got standing punishment, or even ear holding punishment she would have taken it. Ear holding was fine, but murga is too much.
“look Sara, im not becoming murga.”
“ok, so now you are being a role model of disobedience.”
Now Miss Sunaina was in more difficult situation. The teachers also have a duty in teacher’s day of showing how obedient students should be. Now she was showing to be a disobedient student.
Miss Sunaina still lost and confused went down into the murga pose. All students were shocked and enthralled to have a look at her. Miss Sunaina could not believe what she had done. She was 27 years old and she had become murga in front of such young girls. What respect will she have now in the class. Seconds seemed like hours. For every second she held her ears in the murga pose, her heart beat fastened, her face went redder and her legs started paining. She kind of like froze. She thought about getting up, but still was unsure what to do. Twice or thrice she almost made up her mind to get up, but now she had another doubt in her, the fear of facing the class after becoming a murgi. she was in this chaotic mind set that 7 mintues passed. Miss Sunaina could not focus on what was happening in the class now. How well Sara was carrying out her responsibilities of being a teacher.
Just then the headmistress walked in the class. The headmistress usually takes a round when this day is carried out.
“what is happening here?” she said after looking at Miss Sunaina in the murga pose.
Miss Sunaina at once got up with a red face.
“you have punished a teacher like this?” she said to sara, then looking at miss Sunaina, “ you also became this Sunaina, how could you?”
Miss Sunaina felt like a complete fool and an idiot.
“we do not administer such punishments in school.” Said the headmistress and left.
the end.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Just Married

Amir was a boy from Karachi. His marriage was arranged to a beautiful girl of Lahore, Rabya. When Amir laid eyes on Rabya he thought what a innocent and simple girl she is. Rabya was cute, olive skin, a good Punjabi matyaran. Amir had always loved Punjabi girls and to marry one was a dream come true. He thought that Punjabuns had more juice than other girls. Their bodies were more juicy and to have sex with them would be more fun.
Whenever they used to talk Rabya before marriage Rabya seemed to be very shy and reserved. Amir thought she would be a very obedient and perfect wife.
The first few days of the marriage were heaven as usual. But what came after the first week bamboozled Amir.
Rabya was getting ready to go for a bath. She had arranged everything on the bed, her clothes and her towel. Then rabya went out of the room for some errand because amir was in the bathroom. When amir came out he had to dry his hands so he used the towel which rabya had kept for her bath. When rabya walked back inside the room she saw amir wiping his hands with the towel she had kept for herself.
She quickly went to him and caught him by the ear.
“yeh kia kia tumne, mere towel ko geela krdia!” rabya said with such rage that Amir was taken aback. He had never heard this tone of Rabya.
“to? Thora sa tou howa hai.” Amir replied.
“yeh mene apni lia rakha tha!!” rabya screamed. She gave a slap to Amir and amir couldn’t fathom what to do.
Then she said, “ chal murga ban.”
“murga ban, warna chamaat khaiga aik aur. Ban murga forum.”
Rabya’s tone and her body language had changed completely. She had become from a sweet cat to a roaring lioness, ordering amir to assume the murga position.
Amir went into the murga pose.
From that day onwards, rabya regularly makes Amir murga for any or no reason at all. From a obedient wife she had become a mistress.
The end.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

New Dawn

Last Part

The next day was Divya’s P.E. class and she knew what was to follow. As soon as the bell rang everyone made a line to leave the class. The boys left first followed by the girls. Once again when they reached the ground the P.E. teacher said that the line was not straight and all 13 girls will have to be punished.
Although the female teachers did not like punishing girls so extensively, they were forced to. The government was keeping a strict check on schools to ensure the laws were being followed. You never know who is reporting to the government. It could be a male teacher, a male student, a peon or office staff. Female teachers who were reported to the government for showing reluctance in giving girls punishment were paraded naked in the whole school. Divya herself had seen 2 female teachers been paraded.
All 13 girls stood in one line awaiting the punishment they will receive. They all knew that they will be made murga, because for the previous 3 classes they had served murga.
Teacher: this is the 4th time in a row you have not formed a straight line. Should I strip you all and make you stand in the sun.
Divya was horrified after hearing this. She thought this was it. All this time she had been at her best. Completing her homework, scoring full marks in the class tests, making sure her school uniform was spotless and ironed perfectly. She did all this to make sure she wasn’t stripped. But the time had come now, she thought. Out of the 13, 10 girls had received naked punishment at least once. Divya, Mitali and Sunaina were the ones who still hadn’t experienced it.
Teacher: I have a better idea. I want to teach you all a lesson. I will teach you how to coordinate and act as a team, so next time you all will be in a straight line. I want you all to form a circle.
All girls formed a circle. Divya was now anticipating that she would be told to strip.
Teacher: hold each other’s ears.
They all adjusted their positions and took out their hands to catch the ears of the girl next to them. Now a circle was formed in which all girls were holding each other’s ear.
Teacher: move out as far as possible so your hands are stretched out and the ears are pulled.
All did as told to them. Every ones ears were now hurting because they were now being pulled.
Teacher: now you all have to do uthak baithak 100 times. All your uthak baithaks should be synchronized, otherwise your ear will be pulled and the other 2 girls ears you are holding will be pulled also.
Of course it was very difficult for all of them to do uthak baithak together. Divya’s ears were being pulled so harshly after 2 to 3 baithaks that she felt like screaming. After the torture of 100 uthak baithaks were done, all girls were rubbing their ears to abate the pain.
There were still 30 minutes to go in the P.E. class, so the teacher made them murga for the rest of the class. Divya was relieved that they weren’t stripped but she hated becoming murga in the playground. During the P.E class, the junior section has their break and they watch them and laugh.
The PE class had ended but the teacher still hasn’t ended their punishment. The girls are not supposed to stand until told to do so. If they are not told to stand for the whole day they will have to remain in murga. Students of other classes started pouring into the playground, which was also the break area. The boys were laughing at them. This was only the icing on the murgi cake. Ten minutes into break-time they were asked to stand. When they stood every student wanted to look at the face of the murgis which were red with humiliation. They quickly dispersed from the scene. Their bodies feel like breaking apart from the pain. Many girls spend their break time in punishment as well. Teachers just find a reason, like not eating properly or not forming an orderly line in front of canteen. The punishments are usually holding ears, or nonstop uthak baithak for the whole break, or murga. There were strippings during break as well.
Divya wanted to go to the washroom before going to the canteen so she headed for the academic building.  She was stopped by a teacher who was on duty during the break. She told Divya you are not supposed to go inside the building for break, but just stay outside. Divya was then sentenced to nonstop uthak baithak for the rest 20 mintues of the break time. Divya did not even know since when this had become a rule in the school, she had spent many breaks inside the academic building. But she knew one thing, arguing or delaying the uthak baithaks would surely result in her being stripped right in the break area. So she started doing the body breaking uthak baithaks.
Some boys of her class saw her doing uthak baithak at the corner of the playground and shouted,
“hahaha, from murga to uthak baithak, bechari (poor soul)”
Divya felt even more embarrassment.
She was doing the uthak baithaks very slowly to make she did minimum amount in the 20 minutes, when the teacher said to increase the speed of her legs otherwise she will strip her.
During the history class a new high was achieved. A girl named Radha was made to strip and then made murga. This was the first time Divya had seen a naked murgi. She thought how can Radha be so stupid, forgetting her notebook at home in situations like these.
In the science class, all girls were ordered to become murga on their desks. The desks in Divya’s school were a 2 student desk on which 2 students sat side by side. Divya used to sit next to a boy. When all girl went onto the desk and folded their bodies in murga pose, Divya felt very embarrasses and exposed. Her buttocks was coming out right next to the face of the boy. And there was a boy sitting behind her as well. He was having a good full view of her butt. Although the uniform was Shalwar kameez in which her legs and body were covered adequately, still she felt exposed because the shalwar usually tightens in murga pose.

A month went by in all this. All 3 girls Divya, Sunaina and Mitali were the ones who hadn’t received the naked punishment. They were being at their best to avoid such situations.
On Monday right after the first month had ended, in the first period a man from the office came to Divya’s class. He had a sheet in his hand. He called out three names from the sheet of paper.
“Divya, Mitali and Sunaina.”
All three raised their hands.
“You three are reported not to have received the naked punishment for the whole month. It is compulsory for every girl to receive it once a month as directed by the government. May I ask all 3 of you to come in front of the class and take off your clothes.”
Divya could not believe what was just happening. All month she had tried to be perfect in order to avoid this, and now she is being given this punishment for nothing at all. All 3 girls closed their books and stood up very slowly. Divya had went red in the face, and she saw both the other also had went red. They moved out slowly from their place and walked up to the front of the class.
“I do not have all day please hurry up.”
Divya unbuttoned her kameez first. Then she removed her it. Then she untied her shalwar and it fell on the floor. She put both the things on the side. She was now standing in only her underwear. She saw that Sunaina and mitali were still to remove their shalwars, so she delayed taking off her underwear. She thought it would be less humiliating to go nude with them.
When Sunaina and Mitali were also in only their underwears also, Divya put her hands on her knickers, signaling that they should remove their knickers now. all three of them lowered their knickers together. Wind blew and touched Divya’s buttocks. The sensation was very humiliating. Wind had never touched her buttocks as she had only been naked in the bathroom. Once the knickers were done, they unclipped the bras and were now standing completely nude. Again the wind touching her buttocks and breast seemed very unsettling. It was as if the wind wanted to enter the butt line of Divya.
The eyes of the boys were groping and caressing the 3 naked bodies standing in front of them.
“you all three will have to stand like this for the whole day.” The man from the office said and left.
Divya thought being perfect is a bigger crime now. She had been given the naked punishment the most severe.
She will have to stand naked for 6 hours straight.
It seemed like an eternity when the bell rang for off and the 3 girls wore their clothes again.
When she got home her mother asked again, what punishments she had received.
Divya went inside the room without saying anything. That was the last day Divya was seen.

The END.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New Dawn

 Part 1
Divya trembles in fear as another girl of her class, Solanki, has been punished. Divya sits in her seat, her hands shaking, trying to concentrate on the math problem she was supposed to solve.
Divya cannot bear to watch the punished Solanki, who was standing right beside the teacher’s desk, as this only increases her terror. But from time to time her eyes wandered at the corner to an equally terrifying sight. There lay the clothes of Solanki. Her white shalwar kameez and on top of that her underwear. Solanki was standing completely naked in a 10 standard coed class.
Every day when Divya reaches home, her mother has only one question to ask her, ”What punishments did you receive today?” And Divya tells her that she hasn’t seen the worst yet, meaning she hasn’t recived the naked punishment yet.
At the dinner table, her family usually discusses the things going on in India. The discussion starting from Divya telling the punishments she and other girls had received in school that day. Then her younger brother, who was in class 8 tells how many girls he observed naked and in other punishments. Then the discussion goes into politics, where her father tells them the conditions of India and for how long all this will continue.
Divya: today Solanki was made to take off clothes in class. Her pen’s ink finished and she did not have an extra. Her whole body was trembling because of fear and humiliation.
Suresh (Divya’s father): what punishment did you receive today?
Divya: I got 100 uthak baithak in hindi class for not shaking head when teacher asked if everyone understood. Then I got murga punishment in maths class because I looked away from the blackboard for a while. I was just thinking how to solve. Then I received about 3 slaps from my drawing teacher. I mean they just look for reasons to punish.
Sanjana (Divya’s mother): but thank God you haven’t received the naked punishment as yet.
Divya: it is only a matter of time Mom, before I get it. Sayani has received it twice for what? She was late by one minute after break, and one day she had a stain on her uniform. Nobody can avoid these situations. One day I will have to also stand without clothes in front of boys my own age. May God curse the President for regulating such punishments against girls.
Divya’s brother Sonu always loved hearing Divya’s punishments. He wished he could see her sister in all the punishments she described. Before all this had happened in India, Divya was very bossy. She was a strict elder sister, who took pride in the fact that her younger brother was in her control. She scolded him, pulled him by the ear, slapped him and gave him punishments she desired. Now when things had changed, Divya had gone from being a tigress to a pussy cat. She is no longer bossy and feels vulnerable.
Sonu: today, 2 girls in my class were stripped naked and made to stand on the bench.  They had solved the sum wrong. Although I had too, but I just received a scolding.
Sonu made a serious look, although he enjoyed seeing girls like this, every boy did. But one day he said all this while laughing and was given a good beating by Sanjana for laughing at girls who received such punishments. Sanjana scolded him that he should be ashamed as one day his sister might have to face the same the situation. From then on Sonu always spoke with a serious tone about the punishments girls are facing in his school, but deep down he still enjoys watching girls getting punished. He craved to look at Divya’s face when she would be given the naked punishment and telling about it on the dinner table.
Divya: the P.E. class has just become murga class for us. They just take us to the ground to make us murga for 45 minutes. The boys play football, while all the girls have to remain in murga for the whole period. They punish us for a reason like not making a straight line to leave the class. How can someone make a perfectly straight line?
Sanjana: beta, I know what you are going through, there no use complaining, we have to wait until all this is over, this can’t go on forever.
Suresh: surely, other countries will intervene and the laws will be revoked.
Divya ate in silence from then on, wondering how many uthak baihaks she will do tomorrow, for how long she will have to remain in murga and whether tomorrow will be the day she takes off her clothes in a place other than her bathroom.

India had been facing many separatists movements within its borders. The movements became more violent and aggressive. Then the army had to be called upon to conduct intelligence based operations within its cities. The army men started living in the cities to eliminate any separatist people they come across. Soon the army men started thinking the people of India are their property. They thought everything the people had was at their disposal too. They started beating people who refused to give them food or anything they asked for. Going into homes of people and eating anything they found. Soon they started raping women on the streets and also by entering their homes.
This led to massive anti-army campaigns. Women started protesting against the army. In many cities women protested completely naked in order to bring the attention of the foreign media. The separatist movements gained momentum because of these campaigns. In 2020, a fully fledged civil war started in India. It took the Indian army a full one year to take control of India once again. India did not lose any part but a great loss economically was bared. The army overthrew the civilian government and imposed martial law. Then the army took its revenge on the people. It hung all those men that were involved in the war. It took into custody the women who were involved in protests and speeches against the army, and God knows what was happening to them now.
Since women were actively involved in anti-army campaigns, the new President (Dictator) vowed to show women their right place. He regulated extreme punishments on girls in school. He said that women really love being naked in public (referring to the naked protests), so regulated stripping girls in school as punishments. Other harsh punishments like murga, uthak baithak were regulated as well, and teachers were given instructions to give these punishments on the slightest of offence. All girls school were made coed so that it would be extra humiliating. It was made a crime to not send a girl to school. If a family was found not sending their girl to school, their father would be jailed for life, mother would be paraded naked in the streets and then jailed, and the girl will be taken into government custody and then sent to school.
Atrocities outside the school were also carried out. Whenever a woman would be found to be doing anything bad, she would be made to strip there and then. Many women were found standing naked on the streets, or in naked murga position, for petty things like talking on the phone while driving, not wearing seatbelt etc.
Everyone believed this was all temporary as sooner than later other countries would put pressure on India to stop all this non-sense.
to be continued.................

Monday, 7 July 2014

Tennis Star

I knelt in front of my family, disgraced and defeated. I was still wearing my tennis outfit of tiny shorts and a t-shirt with tiny sleeves as well. This outfit was not a convention in my family but I was allowed, only and only to play tennis.
“Now you have two choices Sania, either take admission in an engineering college, or get married. What’s it gonna be?” my father said saddened.
I remained silent.
“I think marriage would be a better option. She has become a degenerate. Wearing such short clothes in front of boys. I was always against it. I knew this girl will never amount to much, but nobody listens to me.”
My mother was always against my playing tennis, mainly because of the clothes I had to wear. I had to face many scoldings and ear pullings to get through. However my father was always helpful. He taught me tennis and even got me a proper coach, he fought with mother many times on the issue, but was determined to make me a professional player for India. I had let him down by losing a very important qualifying match which would have got me into something serious.
“this was your only shot.” Father said now more angrily.
“please can I have another chance?” I said the first words after my match. I hadn’t spoken a word after losing. My father brought me straight home and made me stand in front of everyone for verdict. I knelt on my own to show humility and looked down.
“see, she wants another chance, she is out of our hands now. I say marry her off right now.” Mother said.
The idea of getting married at 16 horrified me. And so did engineering.
“I told you before also Sania. Champions are not made like this. I wanted you to get coaching from Prakash Kumar, but you refused because he was a very hard man. And you chose an easy one. Good things don’t come easy.” Father was scolding now.
He was right. I had chosen a coach who took classes for lesser hours and also was not very strict. On the other hand, when my father took me to look at Prakash Kumar, I saw a girl doing push-ups as punishment. That frightened me and I told father not to get me admission here. I had taken an easier coach and now the very girl who had beaten me was Prakash’s student.
I held my ears now and looked to the floor. ”Sorry I didn’t listen, please father, one more chance, this time I will take classes from Prakash Kumar.” I kept holding my ears.
“no, there is no way you are going to play again.” Mother said.
“if I lose again then you can marry me, I promise.” I was still holding ears.
Father looked me into the eyes and I knew I had one more.
“right now make her murga for losing.” Added my younger sister.
I glared at her and she looked down.

 Two days later, I am in the coaching of Prakash kumar. i am serving a punishment from him, murga. I could not believe this at first as for girls it is very rare, and at this age, impossible. But my father’s words rang in my ears,” champions are not made easily.” And I assumed the position. I guess if I haven’t I would have been thrown out, and I certainly didn’t want that since its my last chance.
It was really easy to get in the position in these short clothes. But after a while it was agony. My shorts had come up very close to my butt, and I think the line between the thighs and butt was showing now. But I didn’t worry. Let it be. If this is what required to become a champion; I will take it.
I hear some laughter. There are some boys at my back laughing at me. I try to ignore. They come closer, their giggling has increased. I do not even wriggle my butt, remaining petrified.
“what good legs, what good view.” One of them says. I don’t know how many boys are there.
Then one of them puts a finger on the border of my butt and thigh. I wriggle my butt now. But I don’t stop seizing my ears, because that will make me a champion. I have heard of many stories where great people were made fun of and had to face many difficulties. These are my difficulties and I will face them.
“oye! What are you doing there!!” I hear prakash’s voice. The boys run away. I keep doing my punishment.

 My punishment lasted for more than 20 minutes. By now my legs had completely cramped. It was difficult even to stand up. I stood up and straight up I was made to do some practice of hitting the ball. My legs were paining from murga punishment and I could not move very fast to hit every ball that was coming from the machine. In all I missed around 5 of the 20 balls that had come.
“Pathetic performance,” Prakash said.
“My legs are paining from the murga punishment,” I said to him.
“I want you to give me 100 uthak baithaks now, holding your ears,” Prakash sentenced.
I was flabbergasted. “But I just completed one punishment!”
“start the uthak baithaks before I increase your number.” His tone suggested he meant every word and I had to do as he said.
I held my ears and started squatting when he asked me to count loudly.
“one,” I said when my buttocks met my calves.
“louder, I want everyone to hear your voice.”
“TWO!” I said more loudly as I squatted the second time.
Then he called another girl, who was also his student to keep an eye on me, so that I did complete squats and full 100.
That girl, Ritu, stood right in front of me and started watching.
Then she started to point her racket to me, lowering it as I went down and raising it as I went up. It was like she was making me do the uthak baithaks.
My shorts as usual came up to my buttocks. But these small clothes were making me do uthak baithaks easily. I had done uthak baithaks many times in school and at home. I were usually in shalwar kameez or tights at home or skirt in school. But doing uthak baithak in shorts was way more easier.

“seventy nine……… eighty……eighty one….” I continued my uthak baithaks.
“what!! You still haven’t finished. Speed up, or I will increase your number.” Prakash said when he returned.
I sped up my action. My legs were breaking apart. My body was sweating profusely. When I finished my punishment, Prakash gave me a 5 minute break. I took a towel and wiped my face, arms and legs. Due to sweat my body had become sticky now. It always does. I sat down and stretched my legs. My legs had taken a lot today. Only the second day of training with Prakash and my legs had seen the worst.
After my 5 minutes of break, all students were gathered for some exercises to make the body more agile and powerful. He made us do stretches and some regular exercises which I believe had no benefits. But I did them. Again it was so easy and comfy to do them in these short clothes.
Then it was off. I reached home with exhauted body. My skin was still sticky with sweat, as my skin was oily.
I went up to my room. In my room I had posters of all the great tennis stars. They were my inspiration. I looked at most of them and wondered whether they also had to go through such things. Did or not, I had to.
The next day I was given yet another punishment. I was made to jump around the whole ground with my hands pointing straight ahead. Of course it was a body killing punishment. I had to complete 2 rounds. After the first round I was about to faint but managed it in the end.i could see many men and boys ogling at me while doing my punishment. Obviously I had a hot body and when wearing such short clothes and sweating just was icing on the cake. Men ogling were usually the sweepers and janitors. Boys were the ones who also took coaching from prakash.
Three years later im playing the Wimbledon doubles. All those punishments, hardships faced have come to make me what I am today. A sexy tennis player. The best india has seen so far.
The end.