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Thursday, 25 August 2016

The North Remembers

Part 2

Lady Mormont got a tight slap on her face when she entered her room after dinner. She was late. Then got another on her other cheek.
She did not like it. Not one bit. It was a stupid idea. She felt like ordering Kone to stop. But she didn't. She got another one.
She realized that Kone was not hitting her with his full force. He was hitting in a way that would produce a crisp sound but did not break any teeth and caused any bleeding.

She got another one.

How many more.

She kept receiving.

Can we just get on with some other punishment.

She recieved another. her cheeks had now gone red, and there were finger marks on them.

She had neverreceived slaps in her life. this made her feel even more submissive and down.

was this a bad idea.

"Come here, girl!" Kone had moved away and was now making himself a drink.

Lady Mormont went to him and stood. looking down and all submissive.
"Add water."

Lady Mormont added water into the drink Kone had made.
She was pulled by her ear immediately.

What the Hell was that. I could get used to it.

The sensation was liked by her instantly.

"That's too much. Don't you know how to make a drink silly girl."

lady mormont got her first scolding of her life and Kone seized her ear throughout the scolding. Lady Mormont enjoyed it thoroughly. Her ear lobes had gone red and her ear was now burning. All this was turning her on.

"Go and do the Hen pose in the corner."

Lady Mormont had no idea what was hen pose. After getting instructions, she understood and assumed the Hen pose. She got to know it was a customary punishment in Dorne. She found out it was sexy. Holding her ears was difficult though.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The North Remembers

 Part 1

This story is inspired by Lady Mormont in Game of Thrones Season 6. Those who do not know her, please watch Game of Thrones season 6 and you will be able to enjoy this story.

After Lady Mormont had declared Jon Snow as the King in the North, she felt like she had just united the whole North again. She had that day realized her true power as the Lady of the House Mormont.

However, after few days, she saw a girl being scolded by her father, that created a strange feeling within her. She thought that she never had a childhood. Doing naughty things, getting into trouble, being scolded and punished by parents. She was thwarted into adulthood at the age of only 10. This feeling made her sad.

Until one day, she saw a Dornish man, practicing with a sword.
"Who are you?"
"My lady, I am Kone, of House Lighterport. I have come in the North to train as a Knight."

Lady Mormont found Kone to be very commanding and powerful man. She felt like she should act submissive in front of him. No other man had ever given her this feeling.

"I would like to meet in dinner tonight."
"It would be an honor, my lady," Kone bowed as he said. Lady Mormont did not like his bowing. she felt like she should bow down to him. Why aren't men from Bear Island like this?

During dinner, Lady Mormont acted as if Kone is the power figure here. Even the maester was surprised by her behavior.

Lady Mormont invited Kone to her room after dinner for a drink. Kone knew something was up. He obviously did not want to do a ten year old. But he was in her castle. He had to follow her orders.
 But he had no idea what was coming to him.

"I never had a proper childhood, I want you to give it to me." Lady Mormont cut to the chase.

"What? You want me to adopt you or something?"

"No, I want to have an arrangement."

So it was settled. Lady Mormont and Kone agreed to have an arrangement where, every night, Kone would come to her room after dinner for 2 hours and act like an authoritative figure, like a one she never had. He would have complete authority to do anything with Lady Mormont inside the bedroom and Lady Mormont will obey his every command.

To be Continued............................................

Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Experiment- Phase 6

Kiran, Alina and Sumayya sat in a circle. Kiran had invited them over and now they were just sitting there for about 10 minutes without saying anything.

Sumayya was too embarrassed to talk about her murga punishment today. Today the English teacher had gone to an extreme. She had commanded 5 girls to become, Sumayya included. when the girls started leaving their places to come in front of the class, the teacher told them to stay in their places and become murgas standing on their chairs.

When Sumayya mounted her chair to become murga, she realised it was no less than a circus. she had to balance her murga position very carefully because falling over was quite possible. The most embarrassing part was that her buttocks could not be brought down because the backside of the chair. The girl had to keep their buttocks and thighs above the back side of the chair to stay on the chair.

Alina had gotten ear pulling, butt spanking, and one slap today.

Kiran as usual had enjoyed her day.

They had clearly worked out the experiment. They had no option but to get on with it.

"Whichever class gets the best results will tell them what is the best way to teach." said Kiran finally.
"Don't worry girls, my class will produce the best results, and next year they will apply these teaching methods in all classes."

"I wouldn't be so sure." Alina disagreed. "We are literally shaking when the Biology teachers walks in with her stick. No one dares to not study a chapter beforehand or score poorly in a test."

Sumayya remained silent.

"Now you are being pessimistic Alina. What about you Sumayya? What do you think?"

"Nobody like getting humiliated. They take tests every week. And if anyone gets below 13, out of 15, is made to do murga parade in the corridor."

Kiran had a faint smile on her face, but instantly felt guilty.

"They spank our class. If i show you my buttocks, it is completely red." Alina added.

"You girls have to ask all the girls in your class to perform poorly, this is the only way to get out. Just imagine next year, we all getting spanking or doing murga parade? You have to work this experiment."

"NO WAY!" Sumayya and Alina said  together.

"Then I am afraid we all will be doing murga parade next year together. because I think Sumayya's class is going to win, what they are being made to is terrifying."

Little did they know what Kiran just said was going to be true. Sumayya's class had won the experiment. So Sumayya's class teaching methodolgy had been implemented througout the school.


Next year, all 3 were finally in the same class. They did murga parade together, became murga in class.

The school it self had become a complete murga party. All girls were made to become murga in the assembly.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Important message

Dear Murgha heads :p

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This will really help me and give me motivation to write. I will write more and longer.

Happy Reading. :)

The Experiment- Phase 5

Alina was going through hell. Just as the maths teacher comes in  the class, her ears start to feel funny. She could almost feel the maths teachers fingers on her ear, even though the maths teacher is teaching. Alina knows that anytime during the class she will be asked a question, which she will not be able to answer and her ear will get the treatment.

Her ear had formed a kind of a relationship with the fingers of the maths teacher, Sameen. Miss Sameen taught well, but was very strict. Alina was a complete duffer in maths, all the other girls were fine and were able to answer. But occasionally, Miss Sameen called 10-15 girls in front of the class for some reason or another and give them each 5 spanks on their buttocks with her scale, one by one.

One girl had managed to make a video of the spanking and uploaded it on Facebook. When Alina came across it, she could not believe, it was her buttocks which was being treated.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Experiment- Phase 4

Sumayya's boyfriend had finally given her a nickname. He gave her the name "Murgi" after he got to know the things Sumayya was made to do in school.

"How does it feel?" He asked Sumayya once.

"I feel very insignificant."

Sumayya was thinking that maybe her boyfriend enjoyed the idea of her girlfriend receiving murga punishment. That is why he must have given her that nickname.

The last time Sumayya was given the murga punishment was when she had tried to skip the warm ups because she had to go to the bathroom. She came late for the warm ups and the PE teacher(PET) became her biggest enemy.

Sumayya was made to stand aside from rest of the girls who were completing their warm ups.  As she stood there waiting, a storm of thoughts went through her mind. She could not keep still. Her heart beat got faster. Her palms became sweaty. This would probably be the biggest punishment she has ever gotten in school, and the worst part was she would have to face it alone. There would certainly be a murga in it, along with uthak baithaks or something, she just could not think straight. She stood there in her scanty shorts and T-shirts, as if she had put on these clothes to get punished only.

Finally, the warm ups were over and the girls started playing. Then the PET started coming towards Sumayya. Sumayya felt as if she was naked standing there like this, at the mercy of the PET. She clenched her buttocks because her buttocks always felt strange during and after punishment.

"How dare you try to skip warm ups?" PET barked.

Sumayya knew she was not to answer. Otherwise that will result in her receiving a bigger punishment.

"Kaan pakar ke maafi maango!" PET commanded.

Sumayya was surprised at this, because this had never happened. Sumayya held her earlobes and said sorry.

"Keep standing like this and face the other way." Then PET went to the other girls.

Sumayya turned her back towards the playground.

Is this it? This cannot be it. She is playing with me. Holding ears and standing is nothing a punishment. 

Sumayya kept standing holding her ears. Then she realized that she was standing right in front of a window of class 5. The girls inside the class were having there arts class, which meant she could talk and have fun in class. many girls were watching her and laughing. Sumayya kept her head down, ashamed. After 10 mitnutes of humiliation a girl from class 2 came to her from behind and said to her, "The PE teacher is telling you to become murga." She had a grin on her face which made Sumayya wish that an apocalypse happens right now. Sumayya turned her neck to confirm whether the order had rally came from the PE teacher or not. When she turned about 90 degrees, it got to now that holding your ears and turning your face sideways is even more humiliating for some reason. She could not see the PET from this angle so thought it was best to get into murga.

Sumayya hadn't felt so much repugnant all her life. Having to go in murga like after being told to do so my a class 2 student. she bent her legs slowly, brought her hands below her thighs and caught her ears to become a complete murga. she heard a loud roar from the class 5 window.


"Keep your buttocks up, the PET says." said the class 2 girl.

Sumayya brought her butt up.  This was better than holding ears in front of juniors as her face was now hidden between her legs.

After a while, she heard a bark behind her butt, "What are you doing in the murga position, kisne kaha tmhe murga banne ko jo khulle uper kar ke mura bangae!"

What the hell. 

It turned out that class 2 girl was just playing a prank on her.  


I have spent 2 years in college and I have come to the view that girls in colleges should be made murga for offenses.
These are the following reasons for it:

1) College girls are usually very naughty and difficult to control.

I have seen that girls in colleges are always looking for naughty things to do. Like sneaking out of hostel at night, bunking classes, playing pranks on teachers, ragging their juniors etc.
the reason for this is because the penalties are not very severe. Just imagine if all the seniors who are caught ragging their juniors made murga in the college ground. Would there be ragging? If girls caught bunking are taken to their class and made to sit as murgas, will they ever bunk their classes again?

2) College girls will take murga punishment more seriously

This is the most important reason I have this belief. Usually only little girls, up to class 5 are given murga punishment, after that it is considered inappropriate to make girls murga. But little girls do not take it seriously. they laughingly complete their punishment without feeling a hint of shame.  if a college girl is made murga, she will feel the shame and learn her lesson. Psychologically grown up girls are more suitable for murga than little girls.

3) Just imagine the sight of 20-25 college girls in murga pose.

this will surely serve as a deterrent for other girls to not make anymore nuisance.

4) Murga pose is very good for the brain

College is a place where students have to deal with a lot of pressure. So if their brain is functioning at optimum levels, they can deal with it better. So if college girls are made murgas for academic reasons, like not scoring well, or not meeting assignment deadline, they will do better. It is almost like helping the poor performing students so that their brains work well.

have i missed anything. do let me know in the comments.